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Angela Austin
Owner Angela Austin Wellness
Work 8352 Quail Point Lane Mentor-on-the-lake OH Work Phone: 419-704-4481 Website:

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Hi! I am focused on helping women hit their wellness goals with optimal nutrition & supplements, protein and energy products, weight loss options, pre and post workout products, superior anti-aging skin care, and non-toxic biodegradable cleaning concentrates for general cleaning, scouring, stain removal and laundry.

Please take my FREE health assessment quiz and get FREE supplement recommendations based on your answers.

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Photo of Sam Hardesty
Sam Hardesty
Owner Sam Hardesty Coaching, LLC
Work Kent OH Work Phone: 440.261.2277

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Sam Hardesty Coaching is individualized coaching for those who want to take their lives from good to great. Coaching those who are starting a business, wanting to grow their business or wanting to start living a life they truly desire. Happiness looks great on you!

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Photo of Cassandra Pyles-Trebar
Cassandra Pyles-Trebar
Owner/Photographer Blush Bloom Boudoir
Work 2530 Superior Avenue, Suite 503 Cleveland OH Work Phone: 330.933.5632 Website:

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Hey Beauty! I’m Cassie!

As the owner of a full-service boudoir and glamour photography studio located in downtown Cleveland, I specialize in guiding women on their journey to reconnecting with and discovering their truest selves. I believe women who love themselves, embrace their power and know their worth are capable of anything. I also know as women in a world full of unattainable beauty standards we sometimes need a little encouragement. My inclusive studio provides the tools, guidance, and experience needed to give women that boost of confidence they need to keep going. With a team of empowered women by my side, I create a luxury experience for my clients to celebrate, pamper, and truly see themselves even in a world that constantly is telling them they need to be someone else.

If you are on a journey of self-love, personal growth, and healing an empowerment photography experience will open up a new world of possibilities for you and we would be delighted to support you on your unique path!

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Photo of Kaelyn Zielinski
Kaelyn Zielinski
Lead Artist/Owner MyFairMakeup Artistry LLC
Work 4075 Som Center Rd Moreland Hills Ohio Work Phone: 440.364.3614 Website:

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I am a passionate, professional, and certified makeup artist providing on-location makeup services for weddings, special events, photoshoots, and more in the Cleveland Metro area.

I began my business journey due to feeling a lack of passion for what I was accomplishing as a graphic designer in my 9-5 career. With no prior experience in the beauty industry, I have gone on to become a fully certified, full-time lead makeup artist, who has also trained an exceptional team of artists ready to serve Northeast, Ohio.

“For me, confidence in one’s self starts when one looks and feels the part leaving my chair. I love knowing that I played a significant role in helping my clients show up as their best selves for their special day.”

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