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Photo of Patricia Abrigo
Patricia Abrigo
Owner Integrated Therapeutic Healing, LLC and Fit Snack Shop
Work Norwalk OH Work Phone: 419-677-0922 Website:

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PATTY ABRIGO-NAIDENOFF, MSPT is a Licensed Physical Therapist with 20+ years of clinical experience. She is a graduate of Ohio University where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Administration and the Virginia Commonwealth University where she received her Master of Science in Physical Therapy. Patty specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation and has advanced training in treating neck and back pain, vertigo and vestibular problems, muscle and joint conditions, TMJ, and work-related injuries. She is certified as a Cancer Rehabilitation Clinician, Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor.

Patty is the owner of Integrated Therapeutic Healing, LLC, a mobile and holistic Physical Therapy practice. She serves Huron, Erie and Ottawa Counties. She teaches Yoga Physical Therapy classes and presents educational workshops to the community and her colleagues. She also works as Physical Therapist providing services to patients in their homes.

She is also the co-owner of Fit Snack Shop in Norwalk which is a healthy snack food store.

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Angela Austin
Owner Angela Austin Wellness
Work 8352 Quail Point Lane Mentor-on-the-lake OH Work Phone: 419-704-4481 Website:

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Hi! I am focused on helping women hit their wellness goals with optimal nutrition & supplements, protein and energy products, weight loss options, pre and post workout products, superior anti-aging skin care, and non-toxic biodegradable cleaning concentrates for general cleaning, scouring, stain removal and laundry.

Please take my FREE health assessment quiz and get FREE supplement recommendations based on your answers.

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Photo of Tracy Gromen
Tracy Gromen
Self Mastery Coach & Healer SoulHeartedly Happy, LLC
Home Columbia Station Ohio Work Phone: 4406551587 Website:

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Hi, I’m Tracy – mom of 3 teen boys, married to my high school sweetie and I am a Self Mastery Coach & Healer. I teach women how to own their energy/presence fully which allows them to rewrite the stories of their past, set clear boundaries in their life and put themselves first! I use tools such as hypnosis, emotional freedom technique, meditation and traditional life coaching to aid in the process of releasing unconscious thoughts/feelings that contribute to feeling anxious, alone and stuck in their lives.

• Eliminate people pleasing
• Learn to manage thoughts and feelings to reduce day to day stress – in the moment!
• Strengthen the mind, body and spirit connection
• No more living life on the backburner

After my own health crash in 2011, I was unable to find long lasting transformation with traditional medicine. Looking for relief from my physical ailments (chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, adrenal fatigue and exhaustion) as well as my mental/emotional state (anxiety/depression), I found that alternative therapies healed me 100% AND gave me a clear foundation for handling life chaos with ease and flow. It works and now I get to share all of these fantastic methods with women who want permanent positive transformation in their lives!

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Photo of Rebecca Jenkins
Rebecca Jenkins
Young Living Independent Distributor / Gold Rank Heavenly Oil DropsNon-toxic Living, Essential Oils, Beauty and Makeup
Home Medina OH Home Phone: 216-392-5570 Website:

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Years ago a friend handed me a bottle of essential oil, I tried it, and to my surprise it worked almost immediately. A short time later I attended an intro to essential oil class and for the first time in years I was given hope.

Hello my name is Rebecca, I am a wife, a mother to eight children, an entrepreneur of several businesses, and a child of God. I have no time to be anything but healthy. However, being healthy for me was not always the case.

Sometimes life throws at us very challenging circumstances that lead us down some very unhappy and unhealthy paths. Years of my life were spent dealing with migraines, hormone issues, depression, fatigue, anxiety, among many other things. To top it off, due to toxic chemicals and stress in my life, an autoimmune disorder had taken over my body. My quality of life was very low…..I was only surviving at that time.

Then, I was introduced to Young Living essential oils. It was life changing for me and my family. I learned how to use different oils to support different body parts and you know what?… it all worked!!! My life now is a living testimony of it. Young Living also has many natural and plant-based products that make it easy to get rid of toxic chemicals from your home and replace them with healthier options.

To name a few:
Thieves cleaning line
Savvy Minerals Makeup
Natural beauty products
Seedling line for babies
Animal products
and the list goes on…

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, I cannot diagnose or treat you. However, I would like to get to know you as a friend. I would be happy to share with you what I have learned in a class setting or just a one-on-one with you. Young living essential oil changed my life for the better which has given me passion to help others. If you are even a little bit curious about essential oils, then feel free to reach out to me!

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Photo of Kimberly McDonald
Kimberly McDonald
Coolsculpting Tech/Practice Owner Galaxy Health, LLC
Work 37300 Detroit Road Avon OH Work Phone: 440-731-0301 Cell Phone: 440-225-4772 Website:

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Marketing and Sales professional with over 30 years experience. Expanded career to open a private coolsculpting practice. Completed advanced training in coolsculpting, leading a Coolsculpting Certified Practice. Philanthropy is also important leading Chicks Against Hunger fighting hunger in Lorain County.

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Photo of Moyra Michelle Nguyen
Moyra Michelle Nguyen
Hypnotherapist Hypnotherapist
Work 7515 Rutledge Avenue Cleveland OH Work Phone: 216-789-7448 Cell Phone: 216-789-7448 Website:

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Moyra Michelle is a Hypnotherapist and Manifestation Coach. She provides deep soul healing to her clients so that they can live with inner peace and fulfilling purpose. She typically resolves client issues within just one session (some people can require up to three sessions) to get them unstuck from whatever is holding them back. Sessions can be online or in person. Her message is that healing and transformation can be faster and easier than you think.

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Photo of Vivian Sickels
Vivian Sickels
Head Coach 101010 Coach LLC
Work 101010 Coach LLC Berea OH Work Phone: 2163798555 Cell Phone: 12163798555 Website:

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After thirty years in the finance industry, Vivian made a life change to become a Health Coach. Vivian graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in December 2015, where she learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques and over 100 dietary theories.
She opened her business, 101010 Coach LLC on October 10, 2015. As a health coach, Vivian works with her clients to create practical and healthy habits.

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Jacqueline (Jackie) Stowers
Heilkunst/Homeopathic Practitioner & Alternative Health Specialist Living Waters
Home 1041 Center Rd Hinckley Ohio Home Phone: 330-347-1762 Cell Phone: 330-347-1762 Website:

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Having my Diploma as a Heilkunst and Homeopathy Practitioner gives me the ability to work with homeopathic remedies in a complex, dynamic system of medicine proper. This includes acute, chronic, miasmatic, sequential/traumatic timeline and many other applications and various forms of homeopathic remediation. My studies and research are ongoing in various aspects of health: Heilkunst/homeopathy (advanced and sequential), Acute Care, Biotherapeutic Drainage Therapy, Lifestyle Assessment (nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc.), Personal and Inherited Family Traumas, Individual & Family/Group Life Transition Counsel, Homeoprophylaxis, Darkfield Microscopy, and much more. Because I have a love for learning and a passion for teaching, working with people to gain true health is focused through education; as I believe this is the key to empowering people to take charge of their health and learn how to “listen” to their body’s messages and “language of the wisdom within”.

I am a mother of eight children and my experience with raising and educating all my children has given me a unique insight into the health and wholeness of individuals and families on all levels: body, mind, emotions and spirit. Working in various realms of the medical field gave me a strong sense and love for anatomy and physiology, which I incorporate in Biotherapeuitc Drainage Therapy Services. New research in the microbiome, nutrition, neuroscience, brain health, and vast new insights into healing traumas are continuously being applied in my work. i feel privileged in having a deep insight and ability to guide others through resolving traumas, identify blockages in development, and assess unhealthy patterns and triggers that keep people from moving forward in life and maintaining true health.

It is great joy and privilege to help others identify root causes of poor or compromised health issues, “connect the dots”, and eliminate the unhealthy dynamic that lies underneath complex health issues.

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Photo of Marilyn Wright
Marilyn Wright
Senior Sales Coordinator Juice Plus
Work 5396 Windfall Medina Ohio Work Phone: 330.722.1775

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I have been a Sales Coordinator with the Juice Plus company since 2013. The Juice Plus mission is to provide healthy living around the world. This aligned perfectly with my personal and professional
goals of empowering others with health, wealth, and community.

In 2019, I was awarded an all-expense-paid leadership retreat, for business and momentum skills. As a result of my entrepreneurial success in Juice Plus, I retired early, at age 59.

I am a Christian woman who enjoys helping at my local church, tutoring students to achieve scholarships, and organizing fundraisers to help people less fortunate.

I have been married for 22 years to my wonderful husband, Paul. Our family consists of 2 step children, 5 grandchildren, and our fur baby Ottis​!​

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