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Photo of Jennifer Cabic
Jennifer Cabic
Naturopath, Master Herbalist Wholistic Integration, LLC
Home 100 Maple Hill Drive Chagrin Falls OH Work Phone: 216-402-4121 Website:

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Jennifer started having anxiety and panic attacks in her early 20’s. Doctors wanted to put her on meds but could not tell her why all of the sudden she started having them. She took her health into her own hands and started researching nutrition, supplementation and essential oils. Jennifer was able to assist her body to heal itself and that is how she went from her “old” profession and became a Board Certified Naturopath.

Jennifer implements all she has learned using an individualized approach to helping her clients; tailoring therapies and programs to help restore homeostasis in all systems of the body. She is passionate in getting to the root of the problem as opposed to symptom management as well as helping people embrace their body’s ability to heal.

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Photo of Cindy Farnham
Cindy Farnham
The Juice Plus Company
Home 183 Potomac Ct Medina Ohio Home Phone: 330-416-0948 Website:

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Juice Plus is a company that puts concentrated whole food fruits and vegetables in a capsule. It is the Most Researched Nutritional Product In The World!!!
I am a dental hygienist and we brought Juice Plus into our dental office because of the 38 Clinical Research studies to help our patients.
My BP was 195/101. I was able to come off my medication after 8 months and love helping others heal from the inside out with nutrition.
I enjoy helping others find such an easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into their diet. They have gummies for children as well.
It is such a joy for me to help others live a healthier life!!!

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Photo of Melanie Hoskinson
Melanie Hoskinson
Clinical Outreach Coordinator Niznik Behavioral Health
Work Phone: 440-340-9014 Cell Phone: 440-714-2802 Website: Niznik Health

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Melanie Hoskinson is a Clinical Outreach Coordinator at Niznik Behavioral Health (NBH).
Her role consists of educating the public on the services offered through NBH as well as be a point of contact for anyone attempting to refer an individual for treatment related to substance use/dual diagnosis for adolescents and adults.

Melanie received her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Ohio.

Her passion is to bridge the gap for clients who are seeking services due to addiction by collaborating with behavioral health providers all over Ohio to exchange program information and provide clients with appropriate referrals based on their needs.

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Photo of Jeanetta Lunn
Jeanetta Lunn
Licensed Massage Therapist Wyatt-DeMarco Massage Therapy & Wellness Center
Home 690 Avon Belden Road, Suite 2C Avon Lake OH 44012 Work Phone: 440-225-4555 Cell Phone: 440-406-0746 Website:

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At Wyatt-DeMarco Massage Therapy & Wellness Center we believe in the powerful healing benefits of massage therapy. Our therapists strive to provide the highest quality care to meet your health and wellness needs. Whether you’re looking to incorporate massage into your current wellness routine, searching for an alternative to traditional treatments, or just ready for relaxation we are here for you.

Jeanetta knew she wanted to become a massage therapist when she was still in high school. At that time, she and her friends would trade massages and she loved it. Being able to help someone overcome physical ailments is the most gratifying thing for her. Working in both medical and spa environments, Jeanetta has learned how to skillfully customize massages to meet each clients’ specific needs and expectations.

Jeanetta graduated from Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and has been licensed by the State of Ohio Medical Board since 2015. She is currently pursuing a degree in nursing at Bryant and Stratton College. In addition, she is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

In her spare time, Jeanetta enjoys spending time with her family and crafting.

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Photo of Tessa Shagovac
Tessa Shagovac
Owner Orangetheory Fitness
Home 18105 Southpark Center Strongsville OH Home Phone: 4402490070 Cell Phone: 2165362885 Website:

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Heart rate based interval training for all fitness levels.

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Photo of Vivian Sickels
Vivian Sickels
Head Coach 101010 Coach LLC
Home 101010 Coach LLC Berea OH Work Phone: 2163798555 Cell Phone: 12163798555 Website:

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After thirty years in the finance industry, Vivian made a life change to become a Health Coach. Vivian graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in December 2015, where she learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques and over 100 dietary theories.
She opened her business, 101010 Coach LLC on October 10, 2015. As a health coach, Vivian works with her clients to create practical and healthy habits.

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Jacqueline Stowers
Heilkunst/Homeopathic Practitioner & Alternative Health Specialist Living Waters
Home 8101 Stone Rd. Medina Ohio Home Phone: 330-347-1762 Cell Phone: 330-347-1762 Website:

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Jacqueline (Jackie) Stowers has a Diploma in Heilkunst and Homeopathy, which involves working with homeopathic remedies in a complex, dynamic system of medicine proper. This includes acute, chronic, miasmatic, sequential/traumatic timeline and many other applications and various forms of homeopathic remediation. Her studies and research are ongoing in various aspects of health: Heilkunst/homeopathy (advanced and sequential), Drainage Therapy, Darkfield Microscopy, Lifestyle Assessment (nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc.), personal and inherited family traumas, and much more. Jackie’s love for learning and a passion for teaching is expressed in her focus in working with people to gain true health through education. She believes this is the key to empowering people to take charge of their health and learn how to “listen” to their body’s messages and language of the wisdom within.

Jackie is a mother of eight children. Her experience with raising and educating her children has given her a unique insight into the health and wholeness of individuals and families on all levels: body, mind, emotions and spirit. Working in various realms of the medical field gave her a strong sense and love for anatomy and physiology, which she incorporates in the drainage therapy services. New research in the microbiome, nutrition, neuroscience, brain health, and vast new insights into healing traumas are continuously being applied in her work. Jackie has the deep insight and ability to guide others through resolving traumas, identify blockages in development, and assess unhealthy patterns and triggers that keep people from moving forward in life and maintaining true health, having resolved her own personal, family and inherited traumas herself.

Jackie considers it a great joy and privilege to help others identify root causes of health, “connect the dots”, and eliminate the unhealthy dynamic that lie underneath complex health issues.

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