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Jacqueline Stowers
Heilkunst/Homeopathic Practitioner & Alternative Health Specialist Living Waters
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Jacqueline (Jackie) Stowers has a Diploma in Heilkunst and Homeopathy, which involves working with homeopathic remedies in a complex, dynamic system of medicine proper. This includes acute, chronic, miasmatic, sequential/traumatic timeline and many other applications and various forms of homeopathic remediation. Her studies and research are ongoing in various aspects of health: Heilkunst/homeopathy (advanced and sequential), Drainage Therapy, Darkfield Microscopy, Lifestyle Assessment (nutrition, sleep, exercise, etc.), personal and inherited family traumas, and much more. Jackie’s love for learning and a passion for teaching is expressed in her focus in working with people to gain true health through education. She believes this is the key to empowering people to take charge of their health and learn how to “listen” to their body’s messages and language of the wisdom within.

Jackie is a mother of eight children. Her experience with raising and educating her children has given her a unique insight into the health and wholeness of individuals and families on all levels: body, mind, emotions and spirit. Working in various realms of the medical field gave her a strong sense and love for anatomy and physiology, which she incorporates in the drainage therapy services. New research in the microbiome, nutrition, neuroscience, brain health, and vast new insights into healing traumas are continuously being applied in her work. Jackie has the deep insight and ability to guide others through resolving traumas, identify blockages in development, and assess unhealthy patterns and triggers that keep people from moving forward in life and maintaining true health, having resolved her own personal, family and inherited traumas herself.

Jackie considers it a great joy and privilege to help others identify root causes of health, “connect the dots”, and eliminate the unhealthy dynamic that lie underneath complex health issues.

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