Lisa Pflaum Photography


I realize the importance of capturing “that moment” to remember forever. I don’t want to forget any moment in my life, or the lives of my children. Since the day my first baby was born, I have wanted to document every aspect of their lives. I’ve photographed everything- their little toes, tiny fingers, chubby thighs and cheeks, their amazing blue eyes, little dimples…oh, the list goes on! I look forward to spending time with you and your children, capturing their personalities in a precious piece of art for you to keep, forever. Contact me for details on the specialty services I provide.

I am honored and excited to be a partner with Working Women’s Connetion.  I have been a member for over a year and enjoy photographing the headshots of many WWC members at a discount.  It’s a small part of what I can offer to help these amazing women grow their businesses.


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