Membership Investment


At Working Women Connection we believe membership is an investment, not a fee. The value of your membership can be quantified.

We are so committed to helping you succeed that we surveyed members and asked them how long it took to recoup their investment. The value of your membership could be calculated similarly to an example that follows.

“What’s in it for Me?” Annual Value $$$ ROI Calculation
(based upon a service that costs $400)
Referrals $4,800 12 referrals in 1 year of membership (12 x $400)
Professional Photograph $100 Professional photograph added to the WWC website. For only $25 you may purchase the photograph for your own personal business use!
Web Presence $480 The cost of running ads in other membership/association web sites.
Member to Member Discounts $200 Assuming a 10% discount on several thousand dollars worth of WWC member services. i.e. (consulting, graphic design, web development. legal, accounting, dental, nursing home, printing, nutrition supplements, insurance, payroll, etc… )
Total $5,580 WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT OF $325.00*
Calculate your return on investment by multiplying your cost by 10. You should always seek to get 10 times back on an investment.

New Membership Investment:     $325

Renewing Members: $250

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