How it works


We are so glad you are considering joining.  To become a member, you need to own your own business or be responsible for business development within a company.  We make the Membership process easy:

  • Each Chapter has only 1 member representing each industry.
  • If you are responsible for business development within a company it must be at the director or above level.
  • Submit an online application with professional references.
  • Complete an interview process at the Chapter meeting and be voted in by your prospective Chapter members. This ensures that each Chapter remains interactive with members who can help one another.

LOCAL & REGIONAL NETWORKING: Your membership in your local group also connects you to the entire WWC community of chapters.  Quarterly luncheons allow you to network and market your services to all of the chapter members.

PARTNERSHIP DISCOUNTS: Not only will you have a handy list of resources for your personal and business growth needs, but you will receive many discounted rates from members as well.  Whether you need the services of our advertising sponsors or the services provided by our members in network, you’ll get a pricing advantage that may alone, recoup your investment of the membership dues for WWC!

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND PROMOTIONS: Are you overwhelmed with the time and cost of promoting your business? Do your customers know who you are or how to reach you? One of the greatest benefits of your membership is the increased exposure that your business will receive as WWC reaches out into the community to establish business relationships that will drive potential customers to your website.

REFERRAL REVENUE: Since we know you are busy running your business and promoting your business, we are committed to our policy of each Interactive Member providing 2 referrals per month.  This philosophy and process encourages you to look to available resources within the WWC network.  Great quality at a great price with women who seriously have your back.  We are on a mission to help each other grow!

LIFELONG LEARNING: Our members want more! We know that to earn more you have to learn more.  Ongoing education with seminars, webinars and speakers provides us with “best practices” that are current and effective.  Our educational programs focus on the 7 essential components for business success:  Leadership, Operations Management, Money Management, Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Product or Service Delivery.

We have a few membership options available for you, but no matter the options, we require all applicants to meet the following criteria:

1.Own their own business or be responsible for business development within a company.
2.Submit an online application with professional reference(s).
3.Complete an interview process and be voted in by their prospective chapter members.
4.Each chapter must limit membership of women representing direct sales or any type of business that involves booking parties. For every five members, one woman can represent a direct sales company.  Further, the woman representing a direct sales company must be in a leadership position with the title of director or equivalent.

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