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Uniting Women. Everywhere.
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Kim Shambaugh


About Kim
Kim Shambaugh is an Intuitive, PN Certified, Nutrition + Lifestyle Transformation Expert. She is also a CrossFit Level-1 Coach in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Kim works as the owner + founder of Never Settle Lifestyle, a virtually-based nutrition + lifestyle transformation company. Kim guides people worldwide to self-heal, + transform their bodies + lives for good. Kim has been a competitive athlete throughout her entire life she + is no stranger to what it takes to transform mentally + physically at a high level. She uses her natural intuitive gifts to lead sessions + promote a more profound sense of guidance + clarity during her sessions. Having overcome two eating disorders in her adult life, she has sharpened her expertise through real-world experience, knowing what it's like to live in an overweight body as well as what it's like to live in a body that's underfed, overtrained, severely underweight + malnourished. She stands firmly in her statement "If I can do this, you can do this!" empowering thousands of people around her to step into their highest potential + create the life they've always desired + ultimately guiding them back to their most authentic selves. "It's all about showing people that they can create harmony in their lives on every level + remove the burnout + overwhelm while seeing wild results", she says. "There are seasons for everything. When you know how to optimize your current season of life + take really good care of yourself you'll be unstoppable." NSL was designed to help people heal + create exceptional health through proper food choices, long-term habit change, + a positive growth mindset to ensure their results last a lifetime! Kim equips clients with knowing how to eat anywhere, at any time, to achieve their goals + finally feel at home in their bodies. She creates a safe environment for her clients to unpack limiting beliefs + renew their sense of self + confidence. Kim offers virtual 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, + online courses to help people discover the best ways to simply + sustainably fuel their body + mind to live a life of intention!
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Never Settle Lifestyle

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