September Luncheon



Join Us for Our Zoom September Luncheon!
Grab a lunch from your favorite local restaurant, and join us on Zoom for a fun and informative event with intelligent, motivated, and successful women like you!

Tuesday, September 30th
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

*** During this COVID-19 pandemic, Save Our Children* serves at-risk children and their families in Lorain County, Ohio. Weekly, they are providing food boxes to families and conducting regular wellness checks for the students. Please join WWC in giving to the work of Save our Children.

All those who donate will receive the link and meeting id to the Zoom September Luncheon. ***

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to network and give back to our community!

See you on Zoom!

*For more information about Save Our Children, visit their website at


Meet Our Speaker!

Courtney Van Atta

Sales and Success Coach of Vertias Principles, LLC


The Art of Aligned Sales: How the influential woman connects in life and business

Meet Courtney!

“I started out selling financial services in the wake of the 2008 recession. My corporate career turned entrepreneurial journey began with and continues to evolve by way of decisions that “break the rules”. Instead of focusing my attention or consideration on elements outside of myself (I.e. trying to manipulate outcomes), I instead committed TO myself. Every step of the way. I committed and recommitted. I knew who I was and what opportunities would expand me and my ability to inspire women into action.

In March of 2017, after nearly a decade of growth and success – and against all the “better judgment and guidance” I unwittingly received – I left my corporate career behind to serve and expand by way of transferring the Inner Knowing I had developed. And my brand was born.

“Veritas” means “truth”.

It refers to the unique version of Inner Knowing that lives in each of us and is shared in all we do. This truth is the reason we persist and relentlessly live the life we envision and is through us… but not of us. We have all been gifted our own unique truth, and once we hear the whispers of expansion we are forever changed.

My proprietary Sales & Success coaching platform was born in truth and has become my living legacy. The work I do is the transfer of my Ethos, but so is every area of my life and all my relationships. I am Her. And I am here to help you Align with your version of Her.”

Luncheon Agenda

Welcome and Opening Announcements

Thank you for your Donation: Save Our Children representative

Breakout Room: Networking and meeting new people

Our Speaker: Courtney Van Atta, Sales and Success Coach

Closing Announcements

Final Breakout Room and End Meeting

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