WWC Monthly Newsletter!

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Oct 042017

September 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to Working Women Connection, where we are dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and celebrating each other both personally and professionally! In our monthly newsletter, you’ll discover what it means to be a part of WWC.


We’ve started collecting freezer bags filled with items for children for Christmas, including socks, gloves, hats, toiletry items, a toy, a book, school supplies, Christmas candy and a Christmas card.

Anyone is welcome to donate! If you would like to donate any bags or items for the bags, please bschmidt@joinworkingwomen.com; contact Bonnie Schmidt and we will make arrangements to pick them up. The Nouie Christmas Kids Project will run from now until our November Luncheon so that we will have the bags ready in time for Christmas!

Blogging Opportunities for Everyone!

You can now submit a blog post on the Working Women Connection website to be featured on both the website and social media networks for $10.00! Our goal is to offer our members additional opportunities for exposure to grow their business.
Submit Blog Here

Meet the Women of WWC

Allow us to introduce you to several of WWC’s outstanding members who have gone above and beyond for our organization by supporting women in business! If you need a product or service offered by these amazing ladies, please view their contact information below.

MEDINA CHAPTER – Sandra Jenkins

Business: Dog Gone Crazy, Inc.

Contact: board@doggonecrazykennels.com | 330-273-1777

“Dog Gone Crazy…A Canine and Feline FUNhouse is a vacation spot for your four legged fury friends to come while you are on vacation! Whether it be one day or 2 weeks, you can rest assured your pet will be loved and cared for by our passionate staff. Please feel free to stop by or call for a tour today!”

GRAFTON CHAPTER – Bonnie Schmidt

Business: Schmidt & Smith Allstate Insurance Agency

Contact: bschmidt1@allstate.com | 440-926-4050


Business: 15:13 Strength & Fitness

Contact: 44kwilliams@gmail.com | 440-371-6455


Business: Green Home Solutions

Contact: carlym@greenhomesolutions.com | 216-973-2950


Business: Dream Vacations – Lapa Luxury Travel

Contact: clapa@cruiseone.com | 440-258-9579


Business: Primerica

Contact: tonidfry@primerica.com | 330-466-5715


Business: Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Southeast

Contact: kadyoverton@kw.com | 330-651-5308

Ladies! We honor you for your dedication to women in business and to our amazing organization!

Member Rankings


Which Chapter is coming out on top with the most members?

Amherst – 6

Grafton – 13

Medina – 18

Nordonia – 8

Rocky River – 15

So far, our Medina Chapter is in the lead with 18 members! Way to go, ladies!

WWC September Luncheon


September 28th, 11:30 – 1:30 PM

Registration is open to all women for our September Luncheon! Our speakers will be Caroline Carty and Jeannine Gury – Advanced People Strategists.

Topic: “Do You Have the Team No One Wants – Including YOU?!? How to Get to Team Excellence Using the 5A Model”

Are you tired of having the team that simply “sucks”? Are you constantly struggling with the challenges of team dynamics that constantly drain your time, energy and focus?

Registration fee: $25.00 Members; $30 Non-Members

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”
-Sara Blakely, Owner of Spanx

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Jennasis and Associates – What We Can Do For You!

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Aug 122011

Jennasis and Associates is a virtual business which is set up to fit your small business needs.  Our team provides time, energy and resource to make your business run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our team members can meet many of your business needs including:

  • Creative Writing – Articles for websites, Ghost Writing Articles, Research needed for articles/blogs, Web Content, Blogs, Newsletters, Participation Manuals, Ads
  • Social Media Needs – Monthly newsletters, Sales/Ads/Coupons, Promotional materials, Monthly package options, Consulting on LI, FB, Twitter, CC, HootSuite
  • IT Support
  • Web Design Creation, Re-creation, Monthly maintenance
  • Graphics Promotional materials, Rack Cards, Logo Design, Business Cards, Fliers, Invitations
  • Database Support Organize & manage information so it is always up to date and readily accessible when contacting customers or sending out sales and marketing information
  • Basic Admin Work Excel, Word, Power Point Presentations, Outlook – manage emails, calendar, schedule appointments
  • Organizational Overhauls – Electronic Filing Systems Established , On-sight office overhauls with our office designer

  • Event Planning – From inception, invitations, booking venues, etc

  • Financial needs – QuickBooks, Peachtree, Payroll, Invoicing, Billing

Benefits to hiring jennasis and associates include: No need to provide office space or equipment, Work completed in a timely fashion, No employee taxes, No long term commitments, Hire as needed

Jennifer Chernisky, President, Founder, Virtual Business Associate, Jennasis and Associates, LLC

Phone: 440.429.2257

Email: jchernisky@sbglobal.net

Website: https://www.jennasisassociates.com

Women’s Journal Opportunity

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Jul 152011

You can advertise your business with either half or full page editorial with your article professionally edited and designed in full color. By participating in Women You Should Know, you will also be invited to be featured in a group photo shoot for the women in this featured section. The photo layout in Medina County edition will be featured on the front cover, Cleveland West and Medina editions group photo will be on a premier placement page within the publication. Ask your rep for details.

As a WWC member you receive a savings of $500 OFF the 1x rate for a full page, savings of $300 OFF the 1x rate for half page.  Don’t miss this opportunity.  Deadline for the AUGUST SEPTEMBER ISSUE is closing soon – Call TODAY!

Kelli Cole-Wagner

Medina County Women’s Journal – Brunswick Chapter

1287-B Ridge Road

Hinckley  OH

Work Phone: 888.749.5994
Cell Phone: 216.244.5715

What’s That Haze on Your Headlights?

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Jul 152011

That haze you find on your car’s headlights is caused by oxidation and is a common occurrence in older vehicles.  Oxidized headlights not only detract from the appearance of your ride but limit your visibility when driving at night.  Depending on the model of your vehicle, new replacement headlights can cost a few hundred dollars.  A cost effective alternative is to apply an anti-oxidant remover on your headlight to restore its clarity.  After applying the anti-oxidant, don’t forget to apply a sealing agent.  There are many products to choose from but the wise choice is to purchase a kit containing an anti-oxidant, the sealing agent, and application pads.  You can find the kit at any auto supply store for under $20.

Sparkling headlights add the finishing touch to an impeccably detailed car.  Are you too busy to take the time to pamper your ride?  Call No Time Cleaning Services today – we pay attention to detail.  For more auto detailing tips, check out my blog at http://notime4cleaning.com .  Don’t forget that Working Women Connection members get 10% off!

Tip of the Day:

An inexpensive way to clean raised letters on your car, truck or van tires is using SOS.  SOS removes unsightly scuffs and leaves your raised letters a sparkling white!

Rhonda Solomon

No Time Cleaning Services



Why Hire a Virtual Business Associate . . . Because Everyone Needs a Little Help!

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Jun 162011

Every day we wear numerous hats throughout the day.   We may wear the hat of an executive, a President of our Company, a consultant, a coach.  We wear hats for our family needs as a wife, daughter, soccer or piano mom, nurse, and teacher to our children.  We wear hats as we cook, clean, entertain, host, and travel.  We as women constantly change throughout our day to help meet the needs of those around us and to accomplish all the tasks that we set out to do.  Many of us reach that point in our day where we wish we had a little extra help.  A virtual business associate (VBA) may be a perfect solution to your business needs.

Jennasis and Associates, LLC is a virtual business designed to help your business run as smoothly as possible.  This company has grown exponentially each month.  Why?  Because everyone needs a little help!  Our team members can meet many of your business needs including: creative writing (articles, press releases, web content), social media needs (constant contact, FB, Linked In, Twitter, HootSuite), IT support, web design, graphics (rack cards, logo design, fliers, invitations), basic admin work (projects in excel, word, power point), organizational overhauls (organize your office with our office designer), and financial needs (payroll, invoicing, Peachtree, QuickBooks).

There are numerous benefits to hiring a virtual business associate.  As a client, you do not need to provide any office space or equipment to the VBA.  There are no long term commitments, although once you hire the VBA that you love, you will find yourself returning again and again.  You do not need to pay any employee taxes, leaves of absences, holidays, maternity leaves, or vacations.  You will receive top quality work that is completed in a timely fashion.  These benefits are just a few of the numerous ones that come from hiring a virtual business associate.

Don’t hesitate to call today for a consultation for your business needs!!! Whether the project is big or small or whether the project is short-term or long-term, Jennasis and Associates is here to serve you!!!

Jennifer Chernisky, President, Founder, Virtual Business Associate, Jennasis and Associates, LLC

Phone: cell44.429.2257

Email: jchernisky@sbglobal.net

Health Tips – Please Read

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Jun 122011

Hi Everyone,
Please read, “The Body Toxic” by Nena Baker. The factual data and stats are incredible.  You will never use a shelf product including cleaning, personal bath and body and makeup which all contain formaldehyde on the shelf.  Stay away from nitrate sodium, microwave popcorn (even Orville Redenbacher’s), and Teflon pans and please do not use Scott’s Fertilizer on your grass-there are green fertilizer’s you can use it’s getting into our water supply and killing our marine life!!!! Read the book it’s all in there. Nena was an investigative reporter working for the New York Times, quit her job after writing one article on “Toxic Awareness” and took three years to write this book…She will tell you.

“The first problem is “the data Gap,” the lack of comprehensive toxicity information because chemical producers have not been required to generate and disclose it.” “The second  is the “safety gap”, the difficulty of controlling hazardous chemicals because of the lack of data and ineffectual regulatory tools” and the third problem is the “technology gap”, the creation of market conditions that favor existing chemicals and defer the development of cleaner, safer and sustainable products”….Read the book!

According to present government stat’s, one out of every six persons in our population will die of cancer…this is unacceptable….

A new book I am reading by Dr. Max Gerson who is famous for his research on fighting cancer and wrote a book called “A Cancer Therapy”.  I love this quote he wrote:  “We will again need real housewives, not eager to save the kitchen and cleaning time, but homemakers needed to devote their lives to the benefit of all, especially the task of developing and maintaining a healthy family.”

Joy Wright

Joy Wright
Toxicologist Educator www.Polaris.edu
Wellness Consultant for Melaleuca The Wellness Company -Call me to set up your wholesale shopping account!
www.Melaleuca.com/value The only Global Wellness company I will ever use as a Leukemia survivor!
www.Vitalityforlife.com The only licensed holistic pharmacy to use!
www.saferforyourhome.com The non-toxic “true” green cleaning products to use!
Check out Melaleuca on youtube!!!!

5 Ways to Love Your Car

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Jun 122011

We all love our cars. And perhaps our proudest moment is when the car is new and looks its best.  But a car is subjected to all sorts of abuses including the sun, dirt, and smog.  Here is how you can keep your car in new condition just like a painting protected in a museum.

Five Steps to keep your car looking its best.

1. Avoid scratches as much as possible

We start with scratches.  Why?  Because they are the biggest enemy to your car’s finish.  And avoiding scratches is the secret to keeping your car looking good.  Dirt and grime, rubbed in while washing or drying, will act like sandpaper and dull your car’s paint.  There is one basic rule that will guide you whenever you touch the surface of your automobile:  Anything that comes in contact with your car’s finish should be soft.

2. As much as possible, protect your cars finish from the elements.

This means storing the car in a garage or covered area.  Also, the use of a car cover is highly recommended. A car that is constantly exposed to sunlight and other environmental hazards will deteriorate quicker and require significantly more cosmetic maintenance.

3. Always keep a good coat of wax or paint sealant on the car.

In addition to providing gloss and depth, wax will also protect your car from the elements, including sunlight and many other circumstances that you will encounter, from bug carcasses to bird droppings.

4. Be aware of your car’s finish.

Make regular quick inspections of your cars surface a habit.  Look it over and note its condition, keeping in mind its recent history and what you anticipate will happen in the future.

5. Make a habit of detailing your car.

In most cases, washing your car once a month is adequate.  Once every two weeks is better and necessary if the car is subject to harsh conditions.

Perfect for Dad or your special guy – Father’s Day Special – $99.99 – Interior & Exterior – Gift certificates available – offer expires 6-30-11.

Rhonda Solomon
No Time Cleaning Services, LLC
Work Phone: 330.908.1499
Work Phone: 877.847.9851

The Power of Social Media . . . Don’t be left behind!

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Jun 122011

Are you still unclear as to whether or not you should consider participating in Social Media?  Are you wondering what to do with your profile now that you created it?  Are you ready to jump on the Social Media train before it leaves the station?  If so, read on . . . As a WWC member you enjoy a multitude of benefits . . . now you can add this one to the list!  For the months of June and July, Tina Thelin, of Wise Consultants Group is offering a 20% discount when you register for a training session at The Wise Academy.  Classes are priced at $39.99 for two hour sessions and $79.99 for four hour session.  Package and group rates with special discounts are also available for WWC members.  The Wise Academy is located in Cuyahoga Falls.  Special discounts apply to training held at The Wise Academy ONLY.  Special classes can be scheduled at your office or a more convenient location for groups of a minimum of five participants.

We offer classes on Strategic Marketing using Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Constant Contact, WordPress Website Creation, Graphic Design, Branding Development, Image Consulting, Business Etiquette, Writing and Presenting a Powerful 30 commercial, and more!

Tina Thelin
Partner in Charge of Social Media

Wise Consultants Group, Ltd.
Work E-Mail:
Website: http://www.wiseconsultantsgroup.com

4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Cleaning Service

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Jun 122011

Q.  What happens if something is broken or damaged in my home?

A. We have you covered!  MTO Cleaning Services carries insurance to cover you, your home and your possessions.  Our employees are covered in your home under Worker’s Compensation.  All of our employees pass background checks and are bonded.

Q.  Who is in my home?

A. MTO Cleaning Services trademark is sending the same cleaning associate every time.  You know who is in your home & we know exactly what you want to have cleaned.  You get to know our cleaning associates and they get to you know so a thorough job is done every cleaning.

Q.  Why a Free Estimate?

A. A free estimate benefits you, the home owner.  You get to meet us, Sean or Lisa, how we run our cleaning service, who you will be dealing with and what specifics you want done in your home every cleaning.  A free estimate allows us to accurately price your cleaning and work within your budget.  MTO Cleaning Services also knows specifically what we will need to bring to clean your home.

Q.  Is there a contract with my service?

No. MTO Cleaning Services wants you to do business with us because your happy with our cleaning and we can help when you need us, not because of a contract.

Lisa Kirkpatrick

Company: Medina MTO Clean

Phone: 330.723.6538

Email: medina@mtoclean.com

Website: http://medina.mtoclean.com