WORD 2007 and Picture Effects Feature

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Aug 052011

Look at all the neat things you can do once you insert a picture in WORD 2007 and utilize the FORMAT tab to view what is available there.

Experiment with Picture Styles, Shapes, Borders, Colors and Effects.

You can also create 3-D effects!

Insert the picture and then make sure you left click on the picture to see the Format tab.

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Jul 152011

Use these tips to help you efficiently maneuver around Word and Excel!

Use the Command Reference Guide for 2007 or 2010 to help you find the location of commands from 2003 version.

Go to: www.office.microsoft.com

In their search bar type: Command Reference Guide

Scroll down you will find the 2007 and 2010 tools

Scroll across Tabs

Left click on a tab then use scroll wheel on mouse to move across from tabs.

Different type of Keyboard Shortcuts

Press the ALT key and a series of key sequences will guide you to the desired commands


Freeze/ Lock Rows or Columns

To lock columns, select the column to the right of where you want to lock or freeze data.

To lock rows, select the row below where you want to lock or freeze data.

On the View menu, click Freeze Panes.

To lock both rows and columns, click the cell below and to the right of where you want the split to appear.

Creating a Chart with a single click

Select the data including the headings and row labels. Press the F11 key. The data is charted on a new worksheet tab called Chart 1.

Auto Fit Columns and Rows using a “double click”

Double-click with your mouse on top of the border when you see the double headed arrow appear.

View all formulas at once

Hold down the [CTRL] and  ` keys. The tilde key is located above the Tab key.

Sum results without using a formula

Select a range of cells and then view the status bar where the Sum will appear.

Right click on the status bar and select other functions such as: average, min or max.


Line Spacing

In Word 2007 the line spacing defaults to 1.5. Change it permanently to single spacing:

Home tab > Styles group> Change Styles drop down arrow and select

Style Set > Word 2003

Then go back to make it a default by selecting the Change Styles drop down again and click on Set as Default

Use your keyboard to quickly change the case of text

Select the text you want to change and press shift + f3.

Each time you press the f3 key, the text case switches between title case, uppercase, and lowercase.

Zoom in/out with scroll button on your mouse

Hold down the CTRL key and roll the scroll wheel forward to get a closer view of the document, or roll it back to shrink it.

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Organizing Digital Pictures

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Jun 102011
  • Use Dates for Folder names
  • Use Tags to make it easier to find your pictures
  • Use a standard file extension (jpg) to make it easier to share with others
  • Back up your pictures to an external drive or CD for safekeeping
  • Use CD-R versus CD-RW to prevent accidentally overriding
  • Print a contact or index sheet and save it with your CD so you can view pictures without inserting the CD.
  • Resize pictures before emailing
  • Picasa is a user friendly free picture editing program to use
  • Consider uploading pictures to websites like Picasa, SnapFish, Shutterfly, etc. if you have a large quantity to share.

Did you know?

If you RIGHT click on a picture select PROPERTIES then DETAILS you can view the date/time it was taken, type of camera and additional details?

Simultaneously renaming a group of pictures:

  1. Open up the folder with the pictures you wish to rename
  2. Press CTRL + A to select all pictures
  3. RIGHT click on a picture
  4. Select RENAME
  5. Type a name
  6. Press ENTER on the keyboard

NOTE: It’s recommended that you do not initially delete the pictures off the camera or memory card until you are sure that everything has transferred.

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Computer Updates: Are they safe?

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Apr 052011

My computer is asking for updates?
 Which are OK to do?

If you are bombarded by pop ups and hesitant to download anything for fear of an incoming virus, these are updates that are OK to download:

Microsoft Windows Updates – they provide your computer with patches, hot fixes and solutions to common Windows issues.

Adobe Reader – so that you can download PDF (portable document format) text files typically found on the Web.

Java– many multimedia type programs use this technology.

Flash Player – needed to access multimedia programs such as YouTube.

Shockwave player– to view interactive web related content.

NOTE: These are all free…..as you download them ….watch each screen and “uncheck” any toolbars or unnecessary additional programs it may want to download….unless you really want them.

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Safeguard your Privacy on the Internet

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Mar 092011

Safeguard your Privacy on the Internet


Think before you share personal information
Read the website’s privacy policy
Do not share more than you need to
Choose how private you want your profile or blog to be

Monitor what others post about you
Search for your name on the Internet using at least two search engines. Search for text and images. If you find sensitive information on a website about yourself, look for contact information on the website and send a request to have your information removed.
Set up Google Alerts with your name, company name or a competitor’s name to receive emails with notifications when your name appears online.

Secure your information
Create strong passwords
Avoid paying bills, banking, and shopping on a public computer, or on any device (such as a laptop or mobile phone) over a public wireless system.
Internet Explorer  8 and Mozilla Firefox can help erase your tracks on a public computer, leaving no trace of specific activity by using  Inprivate Browsing.

Guard against fraud
Look for signs that a web page is safe. A site is encrypted when its web address includes https (“s” stands for secure) and a closed padlock beside it. (The lock might also be in the lower right corner of the window.)
Use a phishing filter that warns you of suspicious websites and blocks visits to reported phishing sites. Internet Explorer 8 has SmartScreen filter.


Pieri Levandofsky

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Common Computer Issues

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Feb 092011

Common Computer Issues

Submitted by Pieri Levandofsky – PC Computing, LLC

Here are some common issues that you may have run into. Try the following solutions. If you still need help do not hesitate to call or email!

Computer Issue What to do
Computer does not power up Plug computer into a different outlet to rule out issues with that electrical outlet.Next thing to look at is the power supply which might need replacement
Computer powers up but screen is black If the computer lights are on and the fans are spinning, try plugging a different monitor to rule out issues with the monitor.
Computer powers up but does not load Windows If a message appears, jot it down and get tech help.
The hard drive is making clicking noises Back up your files, the hard drive could possibly malfunction at any time.Get tech help.
Internet Browser page has changed, numerous pop ups appear, Internet connection slow, computer freezes up. Possible virus or spyware issues. Run your antivirus protection if there is still an issue get tech help.
Computer runs very hot to the touch Turn it off immediately, a fan might have stopped working, get tech help.
After installing a program the computer malfunctions. Uninstall the program via the Control Panel, if it still malfunctions try System Restore.



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Computer Tune Up Tips

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Dec 152010

Computer Tune Up

You can give your computer a mini tune up and keep it healthy and running in great shape by doing the following:

ü  Disk Clean up: 

A tool available in every computer. This will clean up unnecessary temporary files that take up space and slow down the computer. No personal files will be deleted! You will find the Disk Clean Up tool under: Start> All Programs>Accessories> System Tools

ü  Disk Defragmenter

Once these files are deleted, run the Disk Defragmenter to compress all your files and reduce the space left open on the drive. You will find the Disk Defragmenter tool in the same location as Disk Clean Up. 

ü  Anti Virus and Anti Spyware programs

If you access the Internet, your computer is continually at risk of attacks from viruses. Purchase virus protection and spyware protection. Keep it updated and perform scans. There are a variety of programs available out there including some free ones.

ü  Carefully screen  incoming emails and links found on websites

If you do not recognize the email recipient, delete the email or report it as junk or spam. When you are online scrutinize any offers that look too good to be true and be wary of free downloads.  Often freebies bring with them spyware or other nuisance-type programs. 

ü  Downloading all Microsoft Windows Updates

 Critical updates for your computer are sent via notifications on the bottom right section of your computer screen.  These are often patches and fixes to Windows issues that are discovered and will help your Windows system remain up to date and stable. Additional notifications related to Adobe Reader, Flash Player and Java items are ok to download. These programs already installed in your computer, provide you with the best online multimedia experience and are safe to download.

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Excel Tricks You Should Know

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Nov 122010

Microsoft Office Excel Tricks You Should Know:

THREE different methods for editing content while inside a cell:

  1.  Double click inside the cell
  2. Press F2 key on the keyboard
  3. Left click in the formula bar

Creating a chart using a SINGLE keystroke:

  1. Select the data
  2. Press the F11 key
  3. A new chart is created

Wrap text inside a cell

  1. Type content in a cell
  2.  Press the Alt+ Enter keys
  3. Continue typing and that content will be wrapped within the cell

Using the Auto Fill button to create a sequence of numbers:

  1. Type a number in a cell
  2. Hold the Ctrl button down
  3. Place cursor on bottom right of the cell until a + appears
  4. Left click, hold and drag the cell contents

Highlight or Select a large range of cell left click inside a cell

  1. Select a cell
  2. Hold the Shift button down
  3. Left click on the last cell you wish to select
  4. All cells in the path will be selected


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