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I’ve been on a journey of self discovery in my life. Through mind, body and spiritual work I’ve learned to heal on many levels through many modalities, books, healers and coaching.

My expertise is to help people who struggle with depression, anxiety or are overly stressed. I guide them holistically to a healthier brain and moods so that they can feel more calm, sleep better, get a sense of belonging in the world and learn to love themselves.

> Do you have unwanted, sometimes uncontrolled emotions, reactions to yourself or others?
> Does stress keep you from enjoying life like you would like to?
> Does anxiety or depression stop you from being engaged with others or feeling connected to them.

I design a program for you that fits your needs to help you restore balance in your body, even out and improve your moods and love yourself.
This process can be easy and fun and takes steps at the pace you are ready to take.

I’m a lover of being outdoors, so the weekly calls can be done on the phone, video camera through zoom, or on a walk outside in nature if that suits you.

My own journey was bitter sweet. Middle child of 7 kids, daddy issues, relationship problems most of my life where nothing seem to work. I fell into depression often and wondered why I seemed so invisible and unimportant. Along the way to healing and being coached myself, I found the only love we need to start and end with. A love for ourselves. I want to share and help you heal with all my life expertise and training in Transformational work and my 17 years of being a compassionate healer through massage.

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