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Andrea Anderson
Christian Health & Life Coach Andrea Leigh Co
Work Phone: 216.630.2278 Website:

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Andrea Anderson is a Certified Life & Health Coach and co-Founder of Wholly Healthy Christian Moms. She works with ambitious moms who are ready to ditch the fatigue and weight of guilt, shame and perfection for vibrant energy. Andrea helps her clients thrive in their health, learn to joyfully steward their body well and transform their generational wellness legacy “to 1000 generations.” She lives in Lakewood with her husband and four children. Andrea also created Root: An Immersive Hiking Series which helps women connect with one another and the Lord in nature.

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Tamsin Astor
Chief Habit Scientist, CEO of Yoga Brained LLC Yoga Brained
Work Phone: 216.313.6569 Website:

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I help overwhelmed successful people create lives they actually want to live by helping them connect their daily habits to their big juicy life and business vision. I have a PhD in neuroscience and am certified in yoga, Ayurveda, yoga health coaching, mindset & executive coaching. I love to travel, eat & cook yummy food and I have 3 children.

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Photo of Heidi Spangler
Heidi Spangler
Owner Backwards Bicycling, LLC
Work 3100 E 45th St, Suite 430 Cleveland OH Work Phone: 216.339.1624 Website:

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Heidi Spangler is an innovative executive with over 25 years of experience working with business-to-business media companies on strategies to engage audiences with content.  After years of consulting, she realized that a universal problem among clients was the lack of planning and productive discussion prior to committing to a project.  Certified in the LEGO® Serious Play® method and materials, Heidi is able to work with teams to get to the heart of the discussion which leads to stronger planning, project execution, and team relationships.  She is an asset to clients in facilitating strategic discussions, team-building workshops, and conference event sessions.

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Photo of Deborah Zawislan
Deborah Zawislan
Founder & CEO Connexions LLC
Work 615 S. Tiffin Rd Port Clinton Ohio Work Phone: 216.469.2509

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Dr. Deborah Zawislan, Founder and CEO of Connexions llc, is an executive coach, organizational consultant, and spiritual director who helps individuals, teams, and organizations connect to what matters, personally and professionally, by aligning what they do with who they are.  With more than 20 years of experience working with businesses and non-profits, Deborah provides leadership development for all levels of leaders, one-on-one and team coaching and strategic planning that results in increased productivity, profitability and a culture of learning and respect.

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