“I wanted to take the time to send you my thoughts on being a member of WWC…Five words always come from my heart when I am talking about WWC:   Personal Growth, Professional Growth, and Support.   I need to add a word…FRIENDSHIP!  I love being part of a group of women that are wonderful people, smart business women, and are so dedicated to helping the community! I look forward to the weekly meetings and the monthly luncheons!  I always leave our meetings feeling re-energized and ready to take on the business world.  Thank you for working so hard behind the scenes to organize the events, develop the website, print business cards, and plan the meetings to bring us all together!!”
Tara Haley
Women’s Journal
WWC Wadsworth Chapter

“Let’s face it, sometimes it’s tough being a woman!  It can be a challenge to balance a career, a family, and a marriage, not to mention trying to find time for my girlfriends or just time for myself!  Who would have guessed a networking group could make my life easier!  Of course WWC is much more than just a networking group!  While I have received several referrals from the group, I have also developed wonderful friendships and have learned a great deal from all of the successful business women in the group!  Our weekly meetings are a refreshing break from the daily challenges of my career.  The women on my Chapter are supportive and motivating and they challenge me to be successful in my career as well as in my personal life.  Don’t believe me?  Just come to a meeting and meet them; you’ll be hooked!”
Angie Smith, CPA
Rea & Associates
WWC Medina Chapter

“I was a little skeptical about joining a networking group because quite honestly, I was hesitant to make the weekly and financial commitment.  When I joined WWC in July 2009, I was coming off a bit of a slump in my Tastefully Simple business.  I had hit a rough patch and was looking to inject some new life.  I was hoping that WWC would help and I am simply amazed at the results.  Obviously, there has been a financial boost to my business, but it goes beyond that.  This is a strong group of women and I’m proud to be a part of it.  I have gained confidence, good referral skills, and friendships.  I look forward to working with other women to move all of our businesses forward.”
Amy Goodwin, Senior Chapter Manager
Tastefully Simple
WWC Grafton Chapter

“I love belonging to WWC because we INSPIRE & MOTIVATE each other & we are not in competition as we are each unique in our profession.  I have met great women who I now call my friends!  Every meeting is upbeat and motivational.  I have also received referrals which have helped to grow my business.  You have a great list of resources in which to refer your family, friends, and clients.  Our Chapters are growing at a rapid pace and we are getting community awareness.  If you are thinking about joining a networking group —this is the one for you!”
Michelle Williamson, Northern Ohio Manager
Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation
WWC Grafton Chapter

“I’m very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm at WWC.  Everyone is extremely supportive and encouraging of each other.  It’s wonderful to have a fantastic network of professional business women to refer my customers to.”
Pierri Levandofsky
PC Computing, LLC
WWC Medina Chapter

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