About WWC


Our History

WWC was founded in March 2009 during the Great Recession and grew from one chapter in Grafton, Ohio to, at one point, up to 15 chapters across northeast Ohio with more than 100 members.

As more women opened up businesses, for a way to grow their networks, develop professionally and gain the support and collaboration to help them succeed.  Through its Chapters, WWC provided that and more.

Our Mission

We connect business women with a common objective to inspire, motivate and celebrate women in business while paving our way to success as proud, professional and empowered women.

Inspire. Motivate. Celebrate.

These three words are the foundation of WWC.  Think of it as our secret sauce, setting us apart from other networking groups.

Inspire each other through an organization just for women.  As strong, empowered professional women we come together to network, support, mentor, educate and collaborate together.  WWC strives to provide an environment for women to engage, encourage and connect with one another.

Motivate each other through a deep understanding of the unique challenges we face as women in business.  Through our educational programs we give our members tools and knowledge to help them succeed.  Our members connect and motivate one another through strong relationships and valued partnerships.

Celebrate each woman’s journey in business.  We unite women sharing the same balancing act between their professional and personal lives.  WWC and its members help nurture each member’s business by expanding their network and receiving qualified referrals at Chapter meetings.

The best way to get to know us is to come to a Chapter meeting as a Guest.  You can also reach out to our Business Development Director via email ssmith@joinworkingwomen.com.

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