Jul 182011

Each month many of us find that we are required to write a variety of blogs, articles, press releases, business proposals, and/or web content.   We all know the value that writing has to our companies and businesses, but we often don’t find or create the time to get all of our thoughts down in a timely manner.   If creative or business writing is something that you “push off” each day, then consider allowing Jennasis and Associates, LLC to write for you!  All we need are the basics of your writing components, the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why” and then allow us to develop the content around this foundation.   This all can be accomplished by emails and phone calls.

Don’t hesitate to call today for a consultation for your writing needs!!! Whether the project is big or small, Jennasis and Associates is here to write for you!!!

Jennifer Chernisky, President, Founder, Virtual Business Associate, Jennasis and Associates, LLC

Phone: cell44.429.2257

Email: jchernisky@sbglobal.net

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