Jul 152011

That haze you find on your car’s headlights is caused by oxidation and is a common occurrence in older vehicles.  Oxidized headlights not only detract from the appearance of your ride but limit your visibility when driving at night.  Depending on the model of your vehicle, new replacement headlights can cost a few hundred dollars.  A cost effective alternative is to apply an anti-oxidant remover on your headlight to restore its clarity.  After applying the anti-oxidant, don’t forget to apply a sealing agent.  There are many products to choose from but the wise choice is to purchase a kit containing an anti-oxidant, the sealing agent, and application pads.  You can find the kit at any auto supply store for under $20.

Sparkling headlights add the finishing touch to an impeccably detailed car.  Are you too busy to take the time to pamper your ride?  Call No Time Cleaning Services today – we pay attention to detail.  For more auto detailing tips, check out my blog at http://notime4cleaning.com .  Don’t forget that Working Women Connection members get 10% off!

Tip of the Day:

An inexpensive way to clean raised letters on your car, truck or van tires is using SOS.  SOS removes unsightly scuffs and leaves your raised letters a sparkling white!

Rhonda Solomon

No Time Cleaning Services



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