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In the last few years, vessel sinks are becoming the in-thing for the bathroom.  When making decisions for the bath, a vessel sink makes for a very aesthetically pleasing fixture as well as providing the functionality you’d expect.   Possibly the main reason why more and more people are installing vessel sinks is their artistic appeal. They really can be works of art. They are available in all shapes, like a rectangle, bowl, to the downright weird. You can buy them in all kinds of materials, from basic porcelain, elegant bronze, to lavish marble. Moreover the colors are endless. You can choose from an entire range of colors to white or black, you name it. Or maybe you want a sparkling clear vessel sink; then you can install a vessel sink produced out of crystal or glass.

Vessel sinks make for a nice departure from the standard vanity or basin. Instead of being molded into the counter or drop mounted, vessel sinks sit on top of the counter and are plumbed directly through. This makes for a very unique looking bathroom t reatment. With all the great choices for vessel sinks, not only will you have a unique design element in your bath, but you’ll also be able to fit it in with virtually any décor choices you want. Being able to have a custom vessel sink means that any shape or style you’re looking for can be had.

A popular choice is the glass vessel sink because it looks highly impressive and expensive.   An advantage to installing a glass vessel sink into your bathroom is the fact that cleaning them is very simple.  Just wet a cloth with a detergent solution and wipe them off, it’s as simple as that. Since glass does not have any pores there is no chance for any bacteria to hide in them. This is one of the main advantages of the glass vessel sinks over their porcelain counterparts.

Installing a vessel sink in your bathroom is a way to have a totally unique home design element that will be functional and give you the artistic flavor you want.  Cabinet-S-Top can help you choose the right vessel sink for your bathroom to impress your guests.  Act now to receive a FREE Solera Glass Vessel Sink with a Bathroom Renovation ($1,000 minimum purchase) – offer expires 7/31/11. Cabinet-S-Top is located at 1977 Medina Road, Medina, OH 44256.  330-239-3630.

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