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Use these tips to help you efficiently maneuver around Word and Excel!

Use the Command Reference Guide for 2007 or 2010 to help you find the location of commands from 2003 version.

Go to: www.office.microsoft.com

In their search bar type: Command Reference Guide

Scroll down you will find the 2007 and 2010 tools

Scroll across Tabs

Left click on a tab then use scroll wheel on mouse to move across from tabs.

Different type of Keyboard Shortcuts

Press the ALT key and a series of key sequences will guide you to the desired commands


Freeze/ Lock Rows or Columns

To lock columns, select the column to the right of where you want to lock or freeze data.

To lock rows, select the row below where you want to lock or freeze data.

On the View menu, click Freeze Panes.

To lock both rows and columns, click the cell below and to the right of where you want the split to appear.

Creating a Chart with a single click

Select the data including the headings and row labels. Press the F11 key. The data is charted on a new worksheet tab called Chart 1.

Auto Fit Columns and Rows using a “double click”

Double-click with your mouse on top of the border when you see the double headed arrow appear.

View all formulas at once

Hold down the [CTRL] and  ` keys. The tilde key is located above the Tab key.

Sum results without using a formula

Select a range of cells and then view the status bar where the Sum will appear.

Right click on the status bar and select other functions such as: average, min or max.


Line Spacing

In Word 2007 the line spacing defaults to 1.5. Change it permanently to single spacing:

Home tab > Styles group> Change Styles drop down arrow and select

Style Set > Word 2003

Then go back to make it a default by selecting the Change Styles drop down again and click on Set as Default

Use your keyboard to quickly change the case of text

Select the text you want to change and press shift + f3.

Each time you press the f3 key, the text case switches between title case, uppercase, and lowercase.

Zoom in/out with scroll button on your mouse

Hold down the CTRL key and roll the scroll wheel forward to get a closer view of the document, or roll it back to shrink it.

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