Jun 162011

Every day we wear numerous hats throughout the day.   We may wear the hat of an executive, a President of our Company, a consultant, a coach.  We wear hats for our family needs as a wife, daughter, soccer or piano mom, nurse, and teacher to our children.  We wear hats as we cook, clean, entertain, host, and travel.  We as women constantly change throughout our day to help meet the needs of those around us and to accomplish all the tasks that we set out to do.  Many of us reach that point in our day where we wish we had a little extra help.  A virtual business associate (VBA) may be a perfect solution to your business needs.

Jennasis and Associates, LLC is a virtual business designed to help your business run as smoothly as possible.  This company has grown exponentially each month.  Why?  Because everyone needs a little help!  Our team members can meet many of your business needs including: creative writing (articles, press releases, web content), social media needs (constant contact, FB, Linked In, Twitter, HootSuite), IT support, web design, graphics (rack cards, logo design, fliers, invitations), basic admin work (projects in excel, word, power point), organizational overhauls (organize your office with our office designer), and financial needs (payroll, invoicing, Peachtree, QuickBooks).

There are numerous benefits to hiring a virtual business associate.  As a client, you do not need to provide any office space or equipment to the VBA.  There are no long term commitments, although once you hire the VBA that you love, you will find yourself returning again and again.  You do not need to pay any employee taxes, leaves of absences, holidays, maternity leaves, or vacations.  You will receive top quality work that is completed in a timely fashion.  These benefits are just a few of the numerous ones that come from hiring a virtual business associate.

Don’t hesitate to call today for a consultation for your business needs!!! Whether the project is big or small or whether the project is short-term or long-term, Jennasis and Associates is here to serve you!!!

Jennifer Chernisky, President, Founder, Virtual Business Associate, Jennasis and Associates, LLC

Phone: cell44.429.2257

Email: jchernisky@sbglobal.net

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