Jun 122011

Are you still unclear as to whether or not you should consider participating in Social Media?  Are you wondering what to do with your profile now that you created it?  Are you ready to jump on the Social Media train before it leaves the station?  If so, read on . . . As a WWC member you enjoy a multitude of benefits . . . now you can add this one to the list!  For the months of June and July, Tina Thelin, of Wise Consultants Group is offering a 20% discount when you register for a training session at The Wise Academy.  Classes are priced at $39.99 for two hour sessions and $79.99 for four hour session.  Package and group rates with special discounts are also available for WWC members.  The Wise Academy is located in Cuyahoga Falls.  Special discounts apply to training held at The Wise Academy ONLY.  Special classes can be scheduled at your office or a more convenient location for groups of a minimum of five participants.

We offer classes on Strategic Marketing using Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Constant Contact, WordPress Website Creation, Graphic Design, Branding Development, Image Consulting, Business Etiquette, Writing and Presenting a Powerful 30 commercial, and more!

Tina Thelin
Partner in Charge of Social Media

Wise Consultants Group, Ltd.
Work E-Mail:
Website: http://www.wiseconsultantsgroup.com

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