Jun 122011

Hi Everyone,
Please read, “The Body Toxic” by Nena Baker. The factual data and stats are incredible.  You will never use a shelf product including cleaning, personal bath and body and makeup which all contain formaldehyde on the shelf.  Stay away from nitrate sodium, microwave popcorn (even Orville Redenbacher’s), and Teflon pans and please do not use Scott’s Fertilizer on your grass-there are green fertilizer’s you can use it’s getting into our water supply and killing our marine life!!!! Read the book it’s all in there. Nena was an investigative reporter working for the New York Times, quit her job after writing one article on “Toxic Awareness” and took three years to write this book…She will tell you.

“The first problem is “the data Gap,” the lack of comprehensive toxicity information because chemical producers have not been required to generate and disclose it.” “The second  is the “safety gap”, the difficulty of controlling hazardous chemicals because of the lack of data and ineffectual regulatory tools” and the third problem is the “technology gap”, the creation of market conditions that favor existing chemicals and defer the development of cleaner, safer and sustainable products”….Read the book!

According to present government stat’s, one out of every six persons in our population will die of cancer…this is unacceptable….

A new book I am reading by Dr. Max Gerson who is famous for his research on fighting cancer and wrote a book called “A Cancer Therapy”.  I love this quote he wrote:  “We will again need real housewives, not eager to save the kitchen and cleaning time, but homemakers needed to devote their lives to the benefit of all, especially the task of developing and maintaining a healthy family.”

Joy Wright

Joy Wright
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