Jun 102011
  • Use Dates for Folder names
  • Use Tags to make it easier to find your pictures
  • Use a standard file extension (jpg) to make it easier to share with others
  • Back up your pictures to an external drive or CD for safekeeping
  • Use CD-R versus CD-RW to prevent accidentally overriding
  • Print a contact or index sheet and save it with your CD so you can view pictures without inserting the CD.
  • Resize pictures before emailing
  • Picasa is a user friendly free picture editing program to use
  • Consider uploading pictures to websites like Picasa, SnapFish, Shutterfly, etc. if you have a large quantity to share.

Did you know?

If you RIGHT click on a picture select PROPERTIES then DETAILS you can view the date/time it was taken, type of camera and additional details?

Simultaneously renaming a group of pictures:

  1. Open up the folder with the pictures you wish to rename
  2. Press CTRL + A to select all pictures
  3. RIGHT click on a picture
  4. Select RENAME
  5. Type a name
  6. Press ENTER on the keyboard

NOTE: It’s recommended that you do not initially delete the pictures off the camera or memory card until you are sure that everything has transferred.

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