Apr 292011

If plans to grow your business revenues and profits have been less than fruitful, here’s a quick fix. Learn how to do a marketing plan in a minute. OK maybe it will take 15 minutes.  Read on…

Remember the words to the song, I Got Rhythm?

In this fast and troubled world

We sometimes lose our way

Well, if you have lost your way and the dough is coming in slow, let’s talk about your next steps to help you grow.  In my previous article, Prioritize ‘til it Hurts, Plan Your Ideal Week to Profit Sooner, I talked about prioritizing the activities that will most impact your bottom line.  This exercise will help you define your overarching goal over the next three months and then work backwards to plan your course of action. What is important is that you name the right goal that will generate the revenue you seek and the profits you deserve.  Once you know where you are going, simply plot the courses.

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