Apr 132011

If your doctor told you she had a new drug that would prolong your life, reduce your chance of death from all causes by 50-70%, improve your quality of sleep, and improve your ability to manage stress and increase your life expectancy, would you take it?

The only catch is it takes about 15-30 minutes a day to “swallow”.

“45% of all deaths in the U.S. are attributed to diet and obesity”

Don’t become a statistic . . .

Become a client . . .

Personal Training : Aerobic Training : Circuit Classes : Flexibility Training : Weight Training Instructions : Day and Evening Sessions : Home Fitness Programs : Phone Consultations : Nutrition Coaching : Private or Buddy Sessions

Purchase four or more personal training sessions and receive a 10% discount

Christi Crawford
Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Coach
Medina, Ohio

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