Apr 072011

Take a look around your home and pay attention to the inner dialogue that happens when you find yourself frustrated with specific areas. Then create a detailed list of what needs to be done. Break it into manageable steps that are each doable in short spurts of time. A sense of accomplishment is all you need to keep going!

Spring Cleaning Challenge: Overburdened and under-organized linen closet. Allot one hour; two if it’s been awhile since you last tackled this dreaded task.

The Solution: We all do it. You buy a new sheet set and cram the old ones into the linen closet. Empty it out. Throw every item from the closet into a laundry basket and dump it out onto your bed (you’ll likely need to make a few trips). First, sort by item: flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases, towels. Then sort by needs and bed size: kids’ room, guest room, master. Using a permanent felt marker, write a single-letter notation on each tag for easy reference. For instance, write T/F/Q/K for quick size reference (saves you the hassle of unfolding and folding) or write family member initials.

Finally, go through each individual pile: Any items that have stains or holes should immediately be tossed. A bit too worn but still in good condition? Unless you’d be willing to put it to use now, toss it into a “donate” pile. To stay organized, place each stack into its own individual storage box or basket, labeled for quick reference. That way, when you go to change bedding next round, you can just pull out that specific basket and leave the rest of the closet in tact.

Too much work?  Call No Time Cleaning Services to rescue you – 330-908-1499 or 877-847-9851.  Spring cleaning appointments now being scheduled. Make your home “holiday ready.”  We’ll get that job done in record time and you won’t have to lift a finger! 

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