Mar 102011

Companies Acknowledge the Need for Social Media Marketing

But not all of them know how to use the tools.

 02.18.2011– Most companies know that they need to use social media to market their business. But they are not sure what social networking sites to use or how to use them.

Some companies use their valuable productive time to create a personal Facebook account and upload their logo and use the company name as the name of the account and then wonder why later Facebook deletes the account. Why does the company create a personal Facebook account instead of a business account? Because they do not know how to set up a business page on Facebook.

Some organizations create a group on Facebook and then once they start using it they realize when they post, their personal Facebook account is displayed. Again this is the only way that they knew how to do it.

 I see so many business Twitter accounts set up with 5 followers (one is their Mom)and they have sent out 30 tweets. All of the tweets are about their specials. Why? Because they do not know any better.

Maybe because it is FREE to set up these accounts. And generally speaking it is easy to set up an account. All it requires is an email address and a password (for Twitter) or a personal Facebook page (for Facebook).

 But what should your profile picture be? What should your bio say? What link should you put on the profile?

It is best to hire a professional. I do not fix my own roof, or attempt any type of plumbing on my own. Because I do not have these skills.

A good social media specialist will evaluate the types of marketing that you are doing now, come up with a strategy and plan out how they are going to help you with your internet marketing goals. This will probably include training (I hope).

Should you use YouTube to market your widgets? What about Facebook ads for your non-profit? The answer is – it depends! What about QR codes and mobile media marketing, sounds like fun. Should I jump in?

Please people. don’t go it alone. Productivity is a terrible thing to waste.

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