Mar 072011

10 Ways to Thrive in today’s tough economy

We all know we’re working harder and making less money right now.  But it’s not time to sit back and lick our wounds just yet.  If you want to survive and thrive today – and be there after the “turn-around” – follow these tips and you’ll still be standing when your market opens up again.

1.         Don’t be shortsighted – an investment in marketing now will pay off months from now
2.         Contain costs – the bottom line is still crucial
3.         Update software – technology moves forward even if your business is stagnant
4.         Continue to learn – while others are twiddling their fingers, you’ll be learning new methods
5.         Pay attention to the basis – they are probably the “bread and butter” of your business
6.         Maintain strong relationships with peers and customers – they’ll appreciate your dedication and steadfastness
7.         Strong communications skills are a must – sometimes you need to find a way to soften the blow of an invoice increase – or a way to lay off    a favorite employee
8.         Give back to your community – Keep your name out there
9.         Offer outstanding service – There is always someone out there willing to underbid you.  Don’t give your customers a reason to look elsewhere
10.        Think outside the box – diversify your services and enlarge your target market

If you do what you do best, your business will still be successful and growing years from now.  If you’re a business planner, spend your day doing that.  If your business is marketing, pick up the phone and make those calls.  My business is cleaning and that’s what I do best.  Let me do that for you and give you the time to do what you do best.  Call No Time Cleaning Services and get back to your business.

Rhonda Solomon
No Time Cleaning Services, LLC – Nordonia Team
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