Feb 092011

Common Computer Issues

Submitted by Pieri Levandofsky – PC Computing, LLC

Here are some common issues that you may have run into. Try the following solutions. If you still need help do not hesitate to call or email!

Computer Issue What to do
Computer does not power up Plug computer into a different outlet to rule out issues with that electrical outlet.Next thing to look at is the power supply which might need replacement
Computer powers up but screen is black If the computer lights are on and the fans are spinning, try plugging a different monitor to rule out issues with the monitor.
Computer powers up but does not load Windows If a message appears, jot it down and get tech help.
The hard drive is making clicking noises Back up your files, the hard drive could possibly malfunction at any time.Get tech help.
Internet Browser page has changed, numerous pop ups appear, Internet connection slow, computer freezes up. Possible virus or spyware issues. Run your antivirus protection if there is still an issue get tech help.
Computer runs very hot to the touch Turn it off immediately, a fan might have stopped working, get tech help.
After installing a program the computer malfunctions. Uninstall the program via the Control Panel, if it still malfunctions try System Restore.



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