Jan 262011

Sometimes fate puts a person in the right place at the right time right when they are most needed.

Sandra Jenkins happened to be that person the day she walked into the activity director’s office at the Medina County Home. This past fall, she was out promoting a nonprofit group that had recently started up in Medina called Working Women Connection. Her mission that day was to introduce the group to some local organizations and find some ways that WWC could become more active in the community.

That’s when fate intervened.

“The day that I walked in she said she was sitting there and wondering how she was going to fill the activities schedule,” Sandra said.

The activities director was going to be gone on medical leave and needed to find a solution to fill the home’s activity schedule while she was away. Sandra told me that she knew right away that WWC could help.

“We started with Thanksgivings,” she said. “We helped set up dinner and tore down afterward. Then we went back at Christmas and did the same thing. While some of the ladies were working in the kitchen and dining room, others were visiting the 58 residents at the home spreading Christmas cheer and goodies.”

In fact, the 23-member WWC has continued past the holidays in their commitment to helping out at the county home. They will be continuing to plan a variety of activities for residents until sometime in April when the activity director is set to return.

Since Working Women Connection is made up of, well, working women, I was delighted to hear that they were able to take time out of already busy schedules to help others. I hear that some of the ladies recently did some residents’ nails this past week. I also hear that some more plans are being made to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl.

Sandra told me that WWC’s mission is to “inspire, motivate and celebrate.” It appears that not only are they accomplishing their mission, but surpassing it.

“It’s been an awesome experience for all of us,” said Sandra. “We love going up there!”

WWC meets every other Wednesday at 9 a.m. at Rustic Hills Country Club. All of the participants are women in business, too. There is a membership investment required to become a member, however volunteers are welcome for their project at the county home. Sandra invited people to e-mail her at sandrajenkins@zoominternet.net. She said they already have a Boy Scout Troop coming to make birdhouses with some of the residents, as well as a group of young girls to help with bingo.

Now, if I only had more time to volunteer, I would be right out there with them. Keep up the good work ladies!

Written by: Pamela J. Miller from Medina Post

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