Jan 102011

The WWC Medina Chapter has taken on a new Community project with the Medina County Home. The Medina County Home Activities director is having surgery and facility needs help while she is recovering.  In response, Sandra Jenkins, Medina WWC Chapter President, got her team together on November 24 and helped prepare the Thanksgiving activities and meal for the residents of the Medina County Home. They also helped prepare the Christmas program. While some of the ladies were working  in the kitchen and dining room, others were visiting  the 58 residents at the home spreading Christmas cheer and goodies.

The Medina WWC Chapter will l continue to help out with services such as nail care, hand massages, bingo, crafts, game nights, and etc. Anyone interested in helping out should contact Working Women Connection at jnairn@workingwomenconnection.com.

Situated on approximately 80 acres of scenic rural property, the Medina County Home is a 60-bed facility which provides primary custodial, rest-home-type care. It is owned and operated by the Medina County Board of Commissioners with funding provided through the County’s General Fund. It operates much like a licensed, private rest home but, in accordance with state law, is not subject to licensing requirements (other than fire and safety codes).

The original Medina County Home was built in 1854 to provide housing for indigent persons who were unable to care for themselves.  A fire destroyed the original building and it was rebuilt in 1861.  This main building is still in use today, and several additions have been constructed.

Medina Chapter Leader
Sandra Jenkins
Cell Phone: 330-416-5749
E-Mail: sandrajenkins@zoominternet.net

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