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What Colors Will Be Big in 2011?

Courtesy of Jennifer Brite

According to Mythic Paint, next year’s palette will offer warmth and an ethnic influence.  The last weeks of the year are often a time of family gatherings, holiday shopping and general merriment. But those in the design industry also know this is also the time many color forecasters analyze what’s happened in the past year to gain some insight on future trends.  Mythic Paint, a manufacturer that specializes in a variety of no-VOC offerings, has compiled insider knowledge gleaned from experts and designers to predict the hottest colors of next year. While no one can truly foretell the future, the company’s insights will surely provide inspiration in your projects for months to come.

Coral—Perfectly paired with blues and golds, coral adds warmth to any room, particularly as an unexpected accent in a bathroom.

Green—Green’s popularity soared in 2010, and 2011 will be just as kind to the versatile color, which works in just about any room in the house.

Yellow—Influenced by Mayan culture and folktales, sunstone gold will be one of the many Native American influences on color next year. Yellow adds a nice burst of color to the home but can be too bold for some. A lighter shade may work for the color shy.

Gray—Gray will be a go-to color in the coming months because it complements any other color. Gray even goes with gray.

Blue—Blue has a split personality. It can trigger feelings of sadness (hence the phrase “feeling blue”), but it’s also the most relaxing color. Icy blue is set to be the dominant shade in 2011.

Red-Cast Blue—Red-cast blue looks like a very deep royal purple, with red and blue undertones. Adding a bit of drama to everyday decors, the color is set to shine next year.

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