Dec 152010

As we enter a month focused on peace we thought we would give you some ideas on how to bring financial peace into your life.  We think of financial peace as not worrying about financial matters.  This doesn’t mean that time and energy is not put into financial matters just that the time and energy put in this area is positive. 

One of the steps in achieving financial peace is to work on “knowing” instead of “believing”.  As Richard Carlson states in the book “Don’t Worry, Make Money”, “…the moment you decide that what you knew is more important than what you have been taught to believe, you will have shifted gears in your quest for abundance.  Success comes from within, not from without.  It begins by listening to your inner calling and wisdom.  What do you truly value and enjoy?  What is your heart trying to tell you?  Is there something that you have an inner need to pursue?  These are the types of questions that will put you on your path to greatness.  Once on that path, you will discover your own unique way to make the path an enormous success and a great deal of fun.”  It can be difficult to let go of those things you have been taught to believe- through family and friends, media, books and other resources- but allowing your inner knowing to be heard will bring you peace in many areas of your life.

Another area to think about when considering your financial matters is to not rely on too much data.  Data can be helpful but in today’s day and age there is an enormous amount of data available to everyone.  From the book “Don’t Worry, Make Money” another section gives advice on how to do this and why as follows: “The next time you find yourself filling your head with facts and stewing over data, take a step back.  See if what you are doing is really going to help you out, make things better- or are you simply postponing the steps that will actually bring about abundance?  Be completely honest with yourself.  Perhaps, instead of studying facts, you should pick up the phone and make a call.  It’s very possible you have all the data you need and the simple decision to stop worrying is the most important thing you could be doing.”

So in this time of year where peace is on our minds we wish you and your family financial peace.  If we can help you achieve this please contact us at 330.721.1410 or through our website

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