Dec 152010

Unless you live in the mountains, it’s time to clean your fireplace.  Candelabra placed strategically in your fireplace look wonderful throughout the warmer months, but don’t light those candles until the fireplace is clean!

•           To prevent lots of ash dust from spreading around the room when you clean out your fireplace, sprinkle damp tea leaves onto the ash first.

•           If you have a slate hearth, you can make it a glossy showpiece by washing it every six weeks, letting it dry, and wiping it down with lemon oil.

•           Wash brass fireplace tools in warm sudsy water.

•           Clean sticky fireplace tools with a cloth moistened with kerosene.  Let tools completely dry before using again.

Having a cleaning service come in and clean your home at the start of winter is a real treat, especially if you expect guests.  Many services are reasonably priced, and having someone else clean your home will free up your time to be creative with decorations, activities, and food. 

But beware.  Having a cleaning service take care of your home regularly can be habit forming!  No Time Cleaning Services fits your lifestyle and budget.  Go ahead and give us a try.  It’s a habit you won’t want to break!  Call us at 330-908-1499.

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