Nov 142010

Holiday Time Saving Tips

1.  Plan Your Menu Now.  Better yet, consult and treat yourself to a personal chef for your holiday meal.  Pricing is very comparable to what you would spend at your local grocer, including your time to purchase, prepare and after dinner clean up.  A great way to spend quality time with friends & family this year.

2.  Don’t Over Commit Yourself.  When you really stop to think about the Holiday season only being 4 weeks long, time for events and gatherings can throw a stressful wrench into mix. Limit yourself to 2-3 parties or events. 

3.  Make Room in Your Coat Closet.  Some guests are a little shy about going to a bedroom to get the “coat off the bed”.  Plan ahead by making the necessary room to handle all your guests’ coats and be sure to have plenty of hangers on hand. 

4.  Designate Which Bathrooms are Going to be Used.  Be sure to be well stocked with toilet paper, liquid hand soap and paper towels.  Pick up a stand up paper towel holder (one you would have in the kitchen) and keep in the 1/2 bath.  This way everyone is not using the same hand towel to dry off.

Jo Ann’s Professional Touch wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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