Nov 142010

Pause & Give Thanks for the People Around Us

It’s November and the year is coming to a close.  Where did the time go?  Take time to appreciate all the wonderful events, memories and people that have touched your life in the last year.

As the big Turkey dinner approaches, here are some tips to make your table & clean up a breeze.

1. China:  Freshen up or revive after being stored:

                       Cutlery Marks on plates:  rub with nongel toothpaste & a soft cloth, then rinse

                       Food stains on china:  make a paste of lemon juice & cream of tartar, rub gently, then rinse well.

2. Handwashing China & Crystal:  Lay a hand towel in the bottom of the sink to cushion and prevent breakage.

3. Gravy on Tablecloth?  Find a drop of gravy on your tablecloth?  Sprinkle with baking soda to absorb it and enjoy the rest of your meal.  After dinner, treat with stain remover & launder as usual.         

4. Cranberry Stains, too!  Remove with Wine Away Red Stain Remover.  Works great for Red Wine too!

Enjoy your holiday dinner with family and friends.  It’s a magical time of the year, make wonderful memories and reflect on all the blessings we each have.  Gobble til you wobble!!!!

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