Nov 122010

Microsoft Office Excel Tricks You Should Know:

THREE different methods for editing content while inside a cell:

  1.  Double click inside the cell
  2. Press F2 key on the keyboard
  3. Left click in the formula bar

Creating a chart using a SINGLE keystroke:

  1. Select the data
  2. Press the F11 key
  3. A new chart is created

Wrap text inside a cell

  1. Type content in a cell
  2.  Press the Alt+ Enter keys
  3. Continue typing and that content will be wrapped within the cell

Using the Auto Fill button to create a sequence of numbers:

  1. Type a number in a cell
  2. Hold the Ctrl button down
  3. Place cursor on bottom right of the cell until a + appears
  4. Left click, hold and drag the cell contents

Highlight or Select a large range of cell left click inside a cell

  1. Select a cell
  2. Hold the Shift button down
  3. Left click on the last cell you wish to select
  4. All cells in the path will be selected


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