Oct 112010

“Times they are a changing!” I am very excited these days in talking with businesses. I can offer so many ways for them to connect with their customers.

90% of all text messages are opened within 1 hour.  More and more, businesses of all sizes are discovering the power of mobile marketing.  The ability to connect and engage in one-on-one direct communication with a client has an unlimited potential to grow your in-house list, increase your profits and expand your marketing horizons.

We at SpiderCat Marketing will continue to create websites, blogs, twitter accounts and Facebook fan pages. We will still teach you what you need to know about social media, set up a strategy for you to follow and help you manage your accounts.

But now we can also help you set up a mobile media marketing strategy! With this new system, you can send text messages to your customers that have opted in. You can also run contests, raffles, or have people text to donate!

Another cool thing: People can also access your mobile business card.

You can test out this option! Right now text the word “spidercat” to 90210 to see what I mean!

Click here for more information about this new mobile media marketing revolution!

Contact me for more info

Nordonia Team

Company: Spidercat Marketing

Phone: 216.534.7467

Email: julie@spidercatmarketing.com

Website: www.spidercatmarketing.com

Mobile Media Marketing: www.izigg.com/spidercat

Or Text the word “spidercat” to 90210 !

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