Oct 082010


While watching the inspirational and enjoyable television shows that make remodeling seem easy, carefree and inexpensive, keep in mind that there are many steps to creating your dream kitchen that are not addressed on TV programs.  Here are some practical and logical steps to help you with a kitchen remodel project.

  1. Evaluate your needs – What are your main objectives?  Do you want to fix up your home to make it marketable for an immediate resale?  Or, perhaps you have lived with a very basic kitchen and now you finally want your dream kitchen and you plan to live in your home a long time.  These are two very opposite case scenarios.  Knowing your objective will help solidify the rest of your decisions.
  2. Establish an investment range – Yes, remodeling your kitchen is an investment to your home and one that will provide lasting value.  A complete kitchen remodel (floor to ceiling) can start as low as $20,000 for labor and materials.  The labor portion of a job can range from 17% to 30% depending on materials chosen and the extent of modifications. 
  3. Choose a professional – It is always best to work with a qualified professional.  Seek out industry specialists who are certified in kitchen design.  A good website to find a professional in your area is www.NKBA.org
  4. Room layout and design – Your professional designer can help you make the best use of your room.  Make notes on how you use your kitchen.  Answer the questions:  What do I like about my present kitchen?  And, if I could make changes, what would those changes be? 
  5. What is your style? – Deciding on a look for your new kitchen is paramount to the process.  Most of us are eclectic in style.  However, you may want to include a contemporary twist to your current traditional home.  A good way to define your style is to look through magazines.  Make a collection of color, accessories, design styles and present these to your professional designer for consideration when planning out your new space.
  6. Choose products – Again this is a case of looking around and finding items that you like.  Do I want to include stainless steel appliances?  What type of products should I consider using to make my kitchen energy efficient and easy to maintain?  Color?  Texture?   A professional kitchen specialist will help you select these products and should be able to coordinate them to fit into your design style and the overall look of your home.   
  7. Installation Phase – Consider who you will be working with for this phase of the project.  It is helpful to work with a designer who will oversee the entire project from design through installation.  It is also important that your installation team is professional and have credentials. 
  8. Project Completed – In one file keep a complete record of your warranty papers, instruction manuals and maintenance information for future reference.  It is also helpful during tax season to have the information you need to write off those tax credits.  Now, enjoy your newly designed space with your family and friends for years to come.

Betty Nairn, is a CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) and has been designing spaces for over 18 years.   She is recognized in the industry as a leader.  She may be contacted at designsbybetty@yahoo.com  or through Cabinet-S-Top, 1977 Medina Road, Medina, OH 44256.  www.cabinet-s-top.com   1-800-886-3630

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