Oct 082010

Inspiration is part preparation, part perspiration, and a whole lot of heart.  In fact, if your heart is not engaged, you will not inspire, and you will not be inspired.  My goal is to encourage and inspire you with some amazing stories about some amazing people.

I would first like to introduce you to Katherine Miracle.  Katherine is a well known speaker and author from Akron, Ohio.  I first met Kaherine a little over 2 years ago.  I had been involved with MonaVie for about 6 months at that time, and I was just finishing my first event in downtown Wadsworth.  I was tearing down my display.  A woman came running up to me and said, “I have heard so many good things about your product.  I want to buy a bottle of MonaVie.”  I gave her a bottle of MonaVie and she gave me a check.  When I saw her name I knew God had sent me a “Miracle”.  I knew there was a reason she had crossed my path.  I stayed in touch with Katherine.  In 2009 she released her book, “Discovering Your Dawn”.  I found out that through tragedy Katherine had discovered her “Dawn” or her purpose.  Katherine had been a big sister in her sorority at the University of Akron.  Two of her little sisters were Dawn and Wendy.  One evening when Dawn and Wendy were out some men threw a rock through their windshield as they were driving under an overpass.  When they stopped their car, these same men came to their rescue as good samaritans.  Wendy and Dawn got in their vehicle, and they were brutally murdered.  Katherine was supposed to be with them that night; However, they never made connections.  Katherine was devistated.  It took a teacher reaching out to her to get her back on track at the University of Akron.  Through this experience Katherine realized her purpose was to help shape and guide college students.  By fulfilling her purpose, Katherine knew that Wendy and Dawn were also fulfilling their purpose.  Katherine said, “It may be dark, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I am proof of that.  You need to discover your purpose.”

Leslie Ungar is a woman who will help you come up with a blue print of your purpose and plan, andn will help you work through that blue print and fulfill your destiny.  I met Leslie at the Greater Akron KNOW Quarterly luncheon.  I was mesmerized by Leslie.  Maybe it was because she was handing out chocolate candy, or maybe it was because of the powerful way that she communicated, I just knew I wanted to get to know her better.  I did get to know her better.  I have participated in her teleconferences and her video taping sessions.  These were excellent experiences.  I found Leslie to be one of the most approachable people I have ever met.  If you e-mail her, text her, or call her she will get back to you immediately.  That speaks volumes to me.  I had the opportunity to meet with Leslie.  I told her I was intrigued by the name of her company.  I asked her how she came up with the name, “Electric Impulse”.  She showed me a picture on her wall of herself and a horse.  She told me that “Electric Impulse” was her horse.  She relayed this story to me.  When she was in her 20’s she and her parents went to a horse show.  It was over Labor Day week-end.  There was a horse show one day, a horse auction in the middle, and a horse show the day after the auction.  Leslie and her parents went to the horse auction since there was nothing else for them to do in Wisconsin.  Leslie told me her father had a very dry sense of humor.  He would say, “Should I buy this horse for you”?  Leslie would go along with his sense of humor and say, “Not this horse.  The tail is too short, or the tail is too long”.  When Electric Impulse came out, Leslie said he was the ugliest horse they had ever seen.  Her father said, “I think I should buy this horse for you”.  Leslie said, “Yes, I think you should buy me this horse”.  They of course had no intention of buying the horse.  Leslie’s father put in a bid on Electric Impulse knowing someone else would bid on the horse.  Imagine their surprise when no one else bid on Electric Impulse.  In fact the room went silent.  There was not a sound.  Soon reality set in.  They realized they were 900 miles from home with a 900 pound horse and no way to get it back to Akron, Ohio.  Leslie’s mother saved their day with her positive statement.  She said, “You know, maybe this will be like a mid-life child, unexpected, but brings great joy”.  I pray that I would have a heart with those responses ready no matter what the situation.  Leslie told me she worked very, very hard with Electric Impulse to make her father’s purchase a good investment.  An AHA moment!  This is what “Electric Impulse” says to me, inspiration, part preparation, part perspiration, and a whole lot of heart!!

Think of someone who has inspired you and write them a note and let them know what they mean to you.

Mauri A. O’Brodo

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