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Fall House Cleaning Tips

Seasons are changing once again in Ohio.  As the warm weather fades to cooler months, here are some recommendations on what to do before Old Man Winter makes an appearance.

  1. Clean out the garage.  Store all summer equipment & arrange fall and winter rakes, shovels, etc.
  2. Spray off & store all garden utensils, shovels, and small equipment such as wheel barrels and spreaders.
  3. Mulch:  Fall is the best time to mulch as it keeps the soil at a consistent temperature.  Mulch well around new plants to help them through their first winter.
  4. Purge Clothing.  As the seasons change, so does our clothing.  Now is a great time to donate summer clothes you didn’t wear or kids out grew.  Make a note of what you may need for the fall & winter months and shop smart.
  5. When the sun is shining, take in the last rays with washing all your heavy linens such as throw rugs, runners, bedding & hanging them out to dry. 
  6. Wash all laundry baskets by giving them a good rinse outside.
  7. Take down blinds and vacuum or rinse before the colder months to help cut down on the dust in your house.

Finally, enjoy the last days of our Indian Summer.  Take hikes, jump in the leaves and enjoy your deck and patios.  MTO Cleaning Services helps people with busy lives stay on top of their cleaning to do list.  Let us help with your house cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning or power washing.  Give Sean or Lisa a call for a FREE Estimate at 330-723-6538.

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