Jul 092010

It’s been a long day.  Up at 6 am, home at 9 pm.  You want to curl up with a good book or take a long bath – but you can’t find the book and the guilt you feel looking at your messy bedroom will NOT let you relax in the tub.  Start that clean up with your dresser.

Half of that stuff doesn’t belong there in the first place, so get a trash bag and start purging.  Make 3 piles on your bed: 1- important papers that need to be filed in the office or file cabinet; 2- things that belong in other rooms of the house – recipes, scotch tape, butterfly hairclips, etc; 3- things that don’t belong in your house any more – overdue library books, the purse you borrowed from your sister, the curtains that need to be returned, etc.  Take care of Pile 1 immediately.  You do NOT want to lose the title to your car or the receipt for the TV.  Put the items in Pile 2 in a basket and return the items to their respective “homes” on your way out of the bedroom.  Place all of Pile 3 in the large gift bag you fou

nd under all the books and put it in the back seat of your car.  Now, you can deliver all the items to the rightful owners.  You’ll get tired of telling everyone it’s not your birthday!

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