Jul 082010

Whether it is your business or personal laptop, here are some tips to keep it safe and in working order

  • Keep it in its carrying case. This will protect the screen from cracks and it’s a good way to keep it safe as you travel from place to place.
  • Back up your files if you don’t want to take a chance of losing them.
  • Keep your eye on the laptop when placing it in the airport security conveyor belt, many laptops look the same.
  • Password protect it so that others do not have access to your files.
  • Do not save any personal password or account number information in the laptop hard driver—a hacker could gain access and you might have your identity stolen.
  • Tag all your laptop accessories with your business card, many items look the same and someone might accidentally grab your equipment.
  • Do not access personal sites like your bank account if you are using a free WIFI connection at a public location.
  • Before you place it in its carrying case, shut it down to prevent overheating. Closing the lid does not shut down the computer.
  • Unplug all accessories from the laptop before packing it in the carrying case to prevent any damage or potential overheating.
  • Do not leave your laptop inside a car in extreme weather conditions for a long period of time. If you do have to and it is very cold, make sure to give it some time to adjust to room temperature before powering it back up.

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