Jun 032010

If you knew you could change the physical well being of yourself, your children, your children’s children and the environment by simply switching stores for your consumable necessities-WOULD YOU? I did and I am here today because I shop from a wellness company called: Melaleuca-The Wellness Co.  Call me to find out how to get wholesale prices and $100.00 in free non-toxic groceries! I call my company, “The Joy of Wellness Co.,” because it is a “joy” to be well and live to see my children grow up! Yes, at one time this was threatened, I am a Leukemia survivor!  How important is Life to YOU! Joy Wright 330-268-7615/330-721-0740

Medina Team

Company: Joy of Wellness Co.

Phone: Business 330.721.0740
Cell 330.268.7615

Email: kevinjoy06@msn.com

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