Jun 032010

by Lisa Jillson, Allstate Senior Manager

A New Safety Initiative

As a rider, you know that safety is always priority number one. That’s why Allstate created a program that lets both riders and drivers know that looking once at an intersection is never enough. As the weather warms up across the country and more riders are on the road, there’s nothing more important than making sure everyone makes it home safely. It seems simple enough, but a surprising fact is that most motorcycle accidents happen at intersections, and the majority of those accidents are caused by a car or truck driver who didn’t see the rider coming.

Allstate created the Once is Never Enough—or “ONE”—program to encourage riders and drivers to take extra time and be more aware of motorcyclists at intersections. The program educates riders and drivers to look left, right, then left again before proceeding through an intersection. As part of the program, Allstate is installing traffic signs that prominently feature the word “LOOK” along with a silhouette of a motorcycle. These large, yellow, diamond-shaped signs are posted at some of the country’s most dangerous intersections for motorcycles to encourage automobile drivers to look twice before crossing, while also reminding everyone on the road that one extra second is all it takes to save a life.

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