Jun 032010

Using the FIND Feature

Searching for a specific word or phrase within a web page?
Instead of scrolling up and down looking for what you need, use this keyboard shortcut:  Ctrl + F

A search bar will appear in the upper left hand corner of your window

Type a word or phrase and click Next or press Enter on your keyboard.
The word will be immediately highlighted. If the word appears several times, click on Next to move to the next occurrence of this word.

Using the Keyboard versus the Mouse

Press on the Home key and you’ll be taken to the beginning of the page.
Press the End key and you’ll be taken to the end of the page.|

Page Up and Page Down will allow you to move about the web page.
Instead of using the mouse or the scroll wheel to drag the horizontal and vertical scroll bars, use the directional arrows on your keyboard (up/down/left/right).

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