May 132010

There are really two options for washing your car – doing it at home or taking it to a professional car wash center – whether it is self-serve or automatic.  Most people think the way to give your car the best wash possible is the “old-fashioned” way – in the driveway, at home.  And while that can prove to be a fun afternoon activity, it can actually be quite harmful to both your car and the environment.  However, taking your car to a professional can ensure a safe and thorough cleaning as well as provide the means to protect the environment around you.

Unless you are someone that spends quite a bit of time researching products and in-depth methodology for washing your car at home, chances are you might be doing more harm than good to your finish.  If you use everyday towels or rags from around your home to wash and dry your car, you are taking the chance that the particles left over from their last use will also make fine scratches in your finish.  Dish soaps and other regular household cleaners are popular cleaning agents for at-home washes, but these can strip the wax from your finish, and depending on how abrasive they are, even scratch the paint.  A professional will use cleaning agents that are specifically engineered to clean the surface of your car safely and effectively, and can provide further protection with options for wax, gloss, and clear-coat applications – in a fraction of the time it would take you at home.

My suggestion is always to let a professional do it.  I guarantee a clean, fresh, un-scratched vehicle!  Car detailing starts at $69.00.  Multi-car discounts and gift certificates are available.  Call No Time Cleaning Services.  We come to you!

For more information about our No Time Cleaning Services Car Detailing Services, click here.

Rhonda Solomon
Nordonia Team
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