Apr 112010

Q.  What happens if something is broken or damaged in my home?

We have you covered!  MTO Cleaning Services carries insurance to cover you, your home and your possessions.  Our employees are covered in your home under Worker’s Compensation.  All of our employees pass background checks and are bonded.

Q.  Who is in my home?

MTO Cleaning Services trademark is sending the same cleaning associate every time.  You know who is in your home & we know exactly what you want to have cleaned.  You get to know our cleaning associates and they get to you know so a thorough job is done every cleaning.

Q.  Why a Free Estimate?

A free estimate benefits you, the home owner.  You get to meet us, Sean or Lisa, how we run our cleaning service, who you will be dealing with and what specifics you want done in your home every cleaning.  A free estimate allows us to accurately price your cleaning and work within your budget.  MTO Cleaning Services also knows specifically what we will need to bring to clean your home.

Q.  Is there a contract with my service?

MTO Cleaning Services wants you to do business with us because your happy with our cleaning and we can help when you need us.

Courtesy of MTO Cleaning Services

Phone: 330.723.6538
Email: medina@mtoclean.com
Website: http://medina.mtoclean.com

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