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In the United States women are responsible for 3.7 trillion dollars of consumer spending and 1.5 trillion dollars of business spending! states that women spend .75 cents of every family dollar!

The following are some interesting facts regarding the purchasing power of women:

  • Women Purchase 83% of all products and services.
  • Women directly Purchase or influence the purchase of 91% of all new homes.
  • Home furnishings 94%
  • Home fix up: More than 55%.
  • Bank Accounts: 89%
  • Travel: Majority of consumer travel and approx. 50% of business travel.
  • Health-care Services: Women make 80% of health care decisions.
  • Home Computers: Women account for 66% of all home computer purchases
  • Vehicles: 50% of all new cars and trucks
  • Consumer electronics 51%
  • Health: 65% of herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals and 80% of all healthcare.
  • Women’s spending power is greater than the entire economy of Japan.

Building Relationships with Women Consumers is key to gaining their trust and their business.

Women don’t need a stereotype “pink bow” approach, however research and empirical evidence indicates buying and relationship behavior differ between sexes.

Women utilize the “Enabling Process” to reach a decision.   This is a three stop process women typically use before making a purchasing decision.

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Learning
  3. Sharing and Comparing

The Women’s Journal’s mission is to empower women through knowledge.  The Women’s Journal can help you and your business reach this market.  The articles are designed to educate, empower and energize women.

The Women’s Journals are bi-monthly publications.

We provide quality educational articles written by local professionals and business owners on a variety of topics of interest to women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicity.

The Women’s Journals are committed to supporting non-profit and charitable organizations in the community. TWJ has done so by donating large portions of space in their publications to build community awareness of these organizations and the causes they serve. I have a passion for helping business owners develop and implement a strategy to help you gain a return on your investment, and highlight your story & business to educate and impact  female consumers. “Women are not a niche market. We are the market!”

Tara Haley

Women’s Journal

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