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When looking for a photographer, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Photograph should be in focus and properly exposed – not too light and not too dark.
  • Your portrait should have beautiful, rich skin tones, retouched to perfection.  Not off-color and blemished.
  • The background should match your outfit in a studio setting.  You don’t want the same background in every single image or something that doesn’t match your outfit. If you are outside, the background should not be distracting and there shouldn’t be a tree, or any other item, sticking out of your head.
  • The pose should be flattering to you.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple move to make you look so much better.
  • Great lighting in the eyes.  Catchlights bring your portrait to life.  Keep in mind that if they are too high or too low, you can look pretty scary.
  • Soft lighting on the face and no harsh shadows on the face is important in making you look your best.  You also don’t want harsh shadows on your background.
  • Composition – the eyes should be in the top third of your portrait.  It’s a lot more pleasing to the eye if your photograph has good composition.
  • And, of course, your portraits should bring out your best qualities and they should express who you are!

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