Dec 292009

Submitted by Pieri Levandofsky

Creating Charts in EXCEL Using One Keystroke:

•    Select the data you wish to chart
•    Press the F11 key on your keyboard.
•    A chart will be immediately created!

Adjusting Column Width and Row Height

Note: another way to “auto fit” a column is to double click the divider line between column or the row.

Different Ways to Edit Contents inside a Cell

•    Click inside a cell and begin typing – the old content will be replaced by what you type.
•    Click inside the cell and press the F2 key, the blinking cursor appears and you can add to what is already there OR use the arrows to move left or right within the cell.
•    Click inside the cell and then click in the Formula Bar– the blinking cursor appears allowing you to type.
•    Double Click inside a cell and the blinking cursor appears.

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